Thursday, 31 January 2008

Star Wars Legacy #18: Updates and Review

OK, I've finally gotten me new Legacy back from those I lent it to so I'll pop up a review, before the next one comes out next week!

Sith Updates

Darth Krayt

Krayt revealed more of his background in this issue. After a lengthy time training under XoXaan he returned to the galaxy only to find it changed and his hated enemies, Sidious and Vader long gone. He fled to the unknown regions where he was captured by a Yuuzhan Vong advanced scout party. He was tortured an mutilated, his arm and eye replaced with Vong creations and growths sprouting spines from his back and arms. During this time he met Vergere, and listened to her, but refused to follow her teaching having had a vision of a united galaxy under the Sith. Vergere left Krayt, who eventually escaped shortly before the Vong invasion. He sheltered on Korriban during the invasion and slowly built up his new Sith Order, keeping hidden until the time was right to strike. Rcently he has called out Cade on his pretense to be a Sith, but his plan to convert him has not gone as well as he might have hoped.

Darth Talon

No longer carrying the pretense of passion for Cade she brought him to the Dark Lord and launched into combat against him. However Cade suprised her, retrieving his father's lightsaber and thrusting it into her stomach. A kill has not been confirmed, but she won't be bothering Cade for some time.

Darth Nihl

As the issue ends Cade remains in deadly combat with the Sith who killed his father.

Jedi Updates

Hosk Trey'lis

Hosk was brought out to be a "sacrifice" for Cade to secure his turn to the Sith Order or to ignite him with hate so he would turn over. Hosk refused to fight, declaring that he forgave both Cade and Krayt he then willingly faced death at the hands of Krayt and became one with the force, securing one small victory over the Dark Lord.

The fate of the other Jedi at Ossus remains unknown.

And that's pretty much it other than to say that Cade's friends are on their way to get him out of the temple, but who knows how that's gonna work out!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Captain Jack is not the pirate!!

This is just a quick notice informing you that TORCHWOOD is returning to our screens, it will broadcast 9PM TONIGHT on BBC2.

Accordingly a new set of "New series, new species" articles will begin, probably every third episode so you might get fresh content which has been a bit lacking due to a rise in work requirements. Once I get the latest Legacy back of my mate's brother I'll do an update on that.

OK, consider yourselves notified!

Saturday, 12 January 2008

I Am Legend - Movie Review

In keeping with long standing web discussion protocols I must warn you that there may be *SPOILERS* if you haven't seen the movie.

With a slew of Fantasy flicks, such as The Dark is Rising and The Golden Compass decorating the winter holiday it was left to one movie to hold the Science Fiction epic's place in the Christmas season. Perhaps unusually, due to it's dark, very unfestive tones the film has been a massive hit and held it's head high as a worthy blockbuster.

Will Smith once again proves his worth as an actor whilst playing Robert Neville, a military scientist who survives an earth shattering (not literally!) series of events and tries to find a cure for a virus which has left him alone, surviving in New York City. The opening of the film concentrates on his survival as he hunts food which was presumably escaped from the Zoo. He has one companion, his son's dog who he talks to to remain sane.

But things soon show their even darker tone because, as shown by the film's tagline, "The last man on Earth is not alone." Neville is testing a cure on "Infected" rats with little success, and soon finds himself up against the humans who have also been infected and are out to kill him. The Infected I liked a lot as they had unique properties which made them stand out against other such villains. Firstly, aside from being hairless they hadn't changed much in terms of growing fangs or having white eyes, so they were still recognizable as human whilst being horrific and monstrous at the same time.

The story sets up the infection in a unique way in that it's airborne and so has spread everywhere. Usually these things are spread by one zombie biting another and passing it on until a small group of unbitten survivors remain. Not so with this, the virus killed most people, infected most of who still lived, with a small percentage remaining immune and alive...until the infected ate most of them! The virus, instead of being some evil coporation's serum was intended as a cure for cancer, which also adds believability.

The films builds well on tension and scares yopu with more than just boogeymen jumping at you from the shadows...though there's plenty of that too. The ending is bold and very fitting, despite the introduction of belief in God being a bit random, but it is a not often seen way of ending a story to have the main character...but I've probably said enough for now.

Go and see it, 'tis good!