Monday, 31 May 2010

Stuff: Star Wars- Invasion

I've been talking a lot about Star Wars: Legacy on this blog, as it is the most exciting part of the franchise where everything is brand new. But that said I think I should maybe give a little time for some of the other series' currently running on Dark Horse's line. The second story arc has started, and for now I'll take you through the first story - 'Refugees'.

Invasion takes place during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion depicted in the epic 'New Jedi Order' book series. This gives us a chance to see visually what took place in the novels. The story focuses one one family - the Galfridians who are separated by the war and take different paths through the conflict.

Caled is head of the Galfridian family and also the ruler of the world of Artorias. He was a humble man and lived happily with his family, never wearing his crown or giving orders unless he had to. While Artorias was a peaceful world, Caled was a veteran of Hoth and built a secret fortress should the world be invaded. He escaped to there as the Yuuzhan Vong invaded and formed a resistance with other survivors.

Nina is Caled's wife, and Kaye is his daughter and both were captured by the Vong. Kaye killed a Yuuzhan Vong warrior who underestimated her and gained the attention of the commander of the slaveship to which they were brought. Kaye organised a resistance, but Nina was too shut down to help. Kaye rallied the prisoners against the Vong and battled their way through the ship, killing the commander. Nina joined them when she saw an explosion on the planet's surface, realizing it was her husband, alive and well. She bonded with the ship, becoming it's pilot, and taking it to rescue others oppressed by the invaders.

Finn, Caled's son is the most interesting of all because he is one of the ...

New Jedi

Finn Galfridian
Finn is rescued by Luke Skywalker when the New Republic arrives to evacuate Artorias. Luke immediately detects the boy's force ability and takes him for training at Yavin 4, where he befriends the Solo children and learns force techniques such as telekinesis. Soon after training he is called to Rychel to help the evacuation effort, he helps rally the troops and exceeds expectations when he spares the life of a defenseless Yuuzhan Vong warrior. Later he accompanies the Solos on a mission to Nar Shaddaa and retrieves a mysterious holocron containing information on Yuuzhan Vong informants, one of whom is a confidant to his father.

Lar Le'Ung
Master Le'Ung is a Pau'an (a species debuting in Episode III) and a Jedi Master first featured in this series. He is elegant like his race, carrying a cane and wielding an ornate orange-bladed lightsaber. He encouraged Finn during the conflict, but was sadly killed because he could not detect a Yuuzhan Vong warrior sneaking up from behind.

New Ships

Well a lot of these aren't new per-se, they just haven't been visually explored before. So a lot of Vong ships make their Debut here, though they were featured in novels and maybe had a picture in a guidebook somewhere.


A vessel designed to carry large amounts of prisoners from a planet, it descended into low orbit then captives were herded through long tubes into the cells on board. One ship, the T'sam Pah was captured by the slaves on board.

This was an exploration ship owned by a Wookie and a Chiss. They encountered the Yuuzhan Vong fleet and attempted to warn the planet. They were boarded but fended off the attack and retaliated by ramming the ship into the fleet, severely damaging a number of ships.

The series also features the Yorik-Vec, and the return of some ships featured in classic games used as evacuation ships including the Bulwark cruiser from Star Wars: Supremacy.

New Species

Ok there aren't really many, but there are a few making their visual debut again in this series.

This race look (and may well be) human, but are much larger in stature. Trained only in the art of war this race was still utterly eradicated by the Yuuzhan Vong. Only one survivor is known, Arbeloa, who aided Kaye in the rebellion on the slaveship, taking the head of it's commander as his prize.

The Chazrach are a slave race brought by the Vong to aid them in conquering the Galaxy. They are mentioned often in the books, but this is the first time they have been seen visually. They are shorter and weaker than the Vong, but come in great number and are utterly subservient to them, making them very dangerous.

Tu-Scart and Sgauru are creatures used as siege weapons by the Vong. As well as being huge and powerful they have reflexes quick enough for them
to snatch a starfighter out of the air and can project fear, weakening the resistance of those who might attack them.

New Planets

Artorias is a key world in the story, being the home of the principal characters. It is founded on peaceful principles, similar to Alderaan and enjoyed prosperity because of this. Unfortunately this made them an easy target for the invaders. While most of the population were either enslaved or evacuated, some fighters remained and formed a resistance, sabotaging the terraforming going on on their world.

Rychel is a world we know little about other than it was unfortunate enough to be on the invasion corridor of the Yuuzhan Vong. The planet had already been subjugated when a daring rescue, led by Luke Skywalker, enabled some of the population to escape, the rest were enslaved or killed.

And this brings me to my new thing, an excuse for me to make a new Star Wars Map!!

And that's a very rushed look at Invasion, the new arc 'Rescues' is currently hitting comic book stands as I write and the graphic novel of 'Refugees' should be on it's way soon - well worth checking out.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 27

OK we're steaming through the new series of Who - I've delayed posting slightly, due to the possibility of a team-up with the Podcasters, but that's still in discussion so I'll bang this one out anyway.

The last three episodes were dominated by a two-parter featuring the return of the Weeping Angels, so not a tremendous amount on the new species front. Though since the Angels could move even when in stone-form, change form at will and can even talk while frozen I think you might be able to class them as a significantly changed race! Well I'll spare you the rant as they still don't fit into the 'new species' category so I'll mosy on with what we've got.


While they were another in a long line of 'It's an alien' explanations that have covered up for werewolves, ghosts and even the Devil. This race actually carried it off quite well though, being in fact a fish-race with sharp teeth that sometimes show past the perception filters that give them human form- makes sense. Being fish they need water, which they can obtain by sucking moisture from people - yeah that works and they also need to convert people via biting them. The downside is they also die when exposed to sunlight - which was unexplained, unreasonable and unnecessary - do Fish do that?!

But, as the Doctor pointed out, these aren't the origin of all vampire stories - rather they create the mythos of vampires to distract from their real plan. The only problem was that their plan was bonkers and essentially contrived to give the production team a school trip to Italy. Their plan would have worked far better on a remote island, which wouldn't need sinking and they wouldn't have needed to die out, there were plenty of options, especially with the Doctor's help, cloning, searching for survivors, even that machine the Hath had. Great race, great backstory, but the plot was a bit bonkers and the desperate survivors line didn't quite fit their actions I felt.

Saturnynians were an aquatic race from Saturnyne. Once powerful they were vanquished not by enemies but by the cracks in time, which appeared in great numbers in their world. They could see through them to other planets, but could also see the Silence. Asd the cracks consumed their world they fled through the cracks to other worlds. One group landed in medieval Venice and concocted a desperate plan to save their race. But as the Doctor fought to save the humans they had captured their plan came undone and that group died out. It is unknown if there are other survivors.

Thanks for reading - more soon.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

SF at the Movies - May '10

It's the start of the big summer release schedule, let's see what Sci-Fi goodness is nestling among the cinema treats this summer.

Iron Man 2
Released 03/05/10

Definitely one the 'movies of the year' - the return of Iron Man didn't dissapoint as Tony Stark comes up against the challenges of living with a machine in his chest and comes up against an inventor who can equal his creations and is also out for his blood. Tony relucantly brings Rhodie his compadre on as War Machine, his ally and become more involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Nick Fury, who made a post-credits cameo in the first movie - oh and you'll want to watch the credits again this time too!

And that's pretty much it - though Geeks may enjoy Video Game adaptation Prince of Persia and comic-book movie The Losers.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Star Wars Legacy: The Fate of Dac (47)

It may not seem that long ago, but it honestly has been a month since the last Legacy issue was out. And now it won't be long until the last issue is definitely out as the series ends in a few month's time!! It looks to be a heck of a ride to the end as the galaxy erupts into all-out war. No updates so we'll go straight for it this time.


This is based on more guesswork - but I hope you get the idea of lots of people focusing on Dac!

Issue Review

Darth Wyyrlok, now ruling the Sith, decides that Dac is a waste of resources and gives the order to erradicate all life on Dac, which Vul Isen, Sith Scientist, is happy to execute so he can test his viral weapons, though Darth Azard raises the question about the other life forms, like the Quarren - Wyyrlok permits them to leave, but doesn't offer any help.

Days later Rogue Squadron scout the planet and find a mass of bodies so large it looks like land, enraged they return with new to the Admiral. More Jedi have joined the fleet and hordes of civilians bring their ships to aid in the evacuation, including Nat Skywalker and Chak and Kee. With the Imperials only lightly defending as they pull out they secure the spaceports and a floating city and begin evacuation - things go well, though there is tension for priority of evacuation between sea based species like the Moappa and Whaladons and land based like Quarren.

The Sith arrive, led by Darth Stryfe, and force Stazi to move his fleet to defend the evacuation, buying time with drone bomb ships to distract the enemy, they are still outgunned until the Fel Empire arrives with support, allowing them to finish the evacuation - in all they get about 20 percent of the population away, noting that they 'did all they could'

Back on Coruscant Wyyrlok gets a call from Nihl informing him that Krayt it missing!!

My Two Credits

This was a powerful issue, dealing with the ultimate atrocity of the Sith - genocide. The debate about priority of different species was a gut-wrenching choice still being debated on message boards right now. There was also a heartbreaking panel at the end as the remaining Mon Calamari watch the final transports leave. The next arc promises all out war, and well deserved it is as the Sith surely get their comeupance.

The only downside was there was a lot to pack in and certain things, such as the involvement of the Jedi, were only briefly featured. Still it was great to see all these factions come together in preparation for the big push.

And that's it! One more arc to go, but I may indulge in some more Legacy here and there.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Heroes: Hard Knox

Well Volume 5 'Redemption' has just finished here in the UK and what a rollercoaster ride it was. It dipped at certain points and I think there could've been more character development (and I don't quite buy Sylar's 'redemption' just yet) but it was a great watch, with a fantastic ending - with the heroes in the open Volume Six has the potential to be something 'special'.

Well it's some more Webisode action for you now. 'Hard Knox' is actually a series of deleted scenes detailing the origins of the character Knox and his fear-based power. It takes place before Volume 1 with Matt Parkman as an ordinary cop trying to reach out to gang member Knox.

And that's it! There's a bit more Heroes content out there so I'll pop up a few vids maybe to fill the void till next series.