Friday, 24 June 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 24/6/11

As long promised I'll be blogging through the DLC Packs available for Mass Effect 2 in the next series of video game posts, seeing what new characters, locations and excitement show up. There's a lot of stuff in there so I've put a few links in the text to expand the article.


I've actually completed the game now so calling this a diary is still a bit of a joke, but I've still got a few pieces of DLC yet to play so hopefully I can get the reviews out more or less as I play them. It was a real thrill to play the ending again, a thrill ride competing with the best cinema and TV can offer as my team battled through the Collector base, my heart still jumped at the possibility that some of them might die as we fought for humanity. I made a few changes to my play through, affecting the decisions my character (dubbed 'The One True Shepard' by my friends) makes. For example in my first playthrough I took too long to finish missions and so Kelly and the crew got wasted, but this time I knew that so made sure I got everyone loyal as soon as possible then headed out to save my people. I changed Jack for Samara to be my biotic shield as I felt it made better narrative sense with her tragic life and biotic potential culminating in a higher purpose. We fought through and we all made it out alive - amazing!

So I'm going to start with some of the things offered in the Cerberus Network, which is free to all people who buy an unused copy of the game, offering some substatial DLC

1) Normandy Crash Site

This was a nice touch to add early in the game - the site of the destroyed Normandy has been found and Shepard is invited to visit the site and choose a location for a monument. It is on the snowy planet Alchera that Shepard visits his former command. He recovers the dogtags of the fallen crewmembers and even his N7 helmet before placing the monument and continuing with his mission. It's very cool that you get to keep the N7 helmet in your cabin.

2) Zaeed - the Price of Revenge

This DLC give you as free squad member who can acompany Shepard in his mission to take down the Collectors. You are authorised to hire Zeed Massani, a feared Mercenary who you find beating the snot out of a Batarian mark on Omega. Like all squadmembers he has some unfinished business to take care of before he can fully commit to the mission. Turns out Zeed is the founder of the Blue Suns mercenary group, but he was betrayed by Vido Santiago who took over the group, hiring Batarians and turning the group to dishonourable and corrupt actions. Zeed has tracked him down to his base on the world of Zorya and plans on killing him by burning down the refinery where he has his HQ. My Shepard made sure to save the workers first and Santiago escaped, enraging Zaeed, but Shepard convinced him to put the mission first, earning his loyalty and his awesome power - the Inferno Grenade which sets the target on fire, cascading fire damage all around it.

During the missin you can also get your hands on a new heavy weapon - the M-451 Firestorm a powerful flamethrower deadly at close range.

3) Firewalker

'Firewalker' is a mission pack that lets you use the M-44 Hammerhead (pictured above). The Hammerhead is an awesome vehicle, taking the place of the Mako from the first game. Rather than a wheeled vehicle it moves on hoverjets, but is also capable of boosting to achieve large jumps or bursts of speed. The Hammerhead boasts a large cannon, self-repair protocols, an onboard VI and the ability to scan for and collect resources from the vehicle itself.

The missions make up for the lack of vehicle travel in ME2, which some fans miss, giving a range of worlds with hazards to traverse from toxic pools to freezing temperatures as well as Geth opposition throughout. The mission centres around a group of Cerberus scientists investigating Prothean artifacts, they have been compromised by the Geth and Shepard uses the Hammerhead (their vehicle) to find out what happened. You get to keep a Prothean Relic you find and also the Hammerhead which is used in the Overlord pack which I'm due to play through sometime soon.

4) Equipment

I'm usually only in it for story but when they start handing our free weapons and armour I'm not going to complain! Various 'packs' brought us the 'Cerberus Assault Armour' a hefty and heavily armoured suit for Shepars that provides additional protection and also a nasty Eviscerator shotgun (not pictured). Another weapon was the Arc Projector, a heavy weapon that paints multiple targets then sends a high voltage beam through all of them, a must-have for any mission involving Geth or Mechs as this weapon is devastating against any synthetic targets, causing large amounts of damage and paralysing their systems.

Well that's it for now - I've completed the Kasumi pack so I'll blog about that soon and I may be able to blog about the other packs more or less as they happen. We'll see! Also there's a voting poll on Xbox Live to get 5o% off DLC for a a game - Mass Effect 2 is currently in the running to be chosen so if you fancy any of this stuff or the other packs put your vote in now. Hopefully Me2 will stay top of the pack and I'll get my hands on 'Arrival' the final DLC.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

SF at the Movies - June '11

You know the drill - a head's up about what Sci-Fi goodness is out this month - release dates and trailers provided.

X-Men: First Class

Released 1/6/11

Green Lantern

Released 17/6/11

Tranformers: Dark of the Moon

Released 29/6/11

That's it y'all - have a great June!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Review: Darth Vader and the Lost Command

One of a slew of new series published by Dark Horse over the coming year Darth Vader and the Lost Command tells the story of Vader who leads a batallion into uncharted space to recover a lost Command under the son of Tarkin. Hopwever he finds much more than a missing squad and a threat even to the mighty Sith Lord deep in the Ghost Nebula!


As I've just said Vader is assigned this duty to retrieve a lost squad for Tarkin. Plagued by visions of Padme he struggles with this relatively simple request and finds his quarry hard to track, coming up against the Atoan people, who while not a match for the Empire are resilient and have their own agenda, one - Lady Saro - agrees to guide Vader, but demands to be made ruler of the Ghost Nebula under the Empire. Vader must wade through treachery and deceipt, ambushes in space and a battle on a tar covered planet to find the truth, which is not what he hoped for.

New Species


This near human species inhabited the Atoan system in the Ghost Nebula. While they appear human there are a number of differences, both in culture, with them possessing their own language and technology but also biologically, with organs distributed around their body ratrher than having the vulnerability of a single heart. They lived on a variety of worlds within their system and had different leaders, oner leader Saro wished to use the Empire to make her leader of them all.

New Vehicles

Atoan Fighter

This fighter was used by rogue Atoan forces to ambush Vader's Imperials. They hid in the Wreckage of a Star Destroyer and attacked his fighters from behind. Despite the element of surprise the bulky fighters weren't as nimble as Imperial V-Wings and so they lost the battle.

Atoan Fortress

This enormous mobile fortress was used by Atoan forces on an unnamed world that was covered in tar pits. The enormous station was able to stay afloat and evade Imperial walkers until Darth Vader caught it in a sneak attack and took the bridge himself.


The series takes place in the Ghost Nebula and the Atoan system so no galaxy traipsing in this one, but I'll show you where it is on the map anyway - 'cause it's been a while!


I was quite skeptical at first, the change in art styles between Vader's dream sequences, his encounters with the Emperor and later the main battle scenes was confusing, but it grew on me as each piece has a different emotional resonance. After lapping up the epic scale of Legacy for so long it's a bit of a shift to change to smaller contained stories but I really enjoyed this one - it reminded me of all the graphic novels I used to read in Borders when I was a teenager!! A good story and exploration of Vader's psyche.

Monday, 20 June 2011

X-Men: First Class - From Strip to Screen

I really enjoyed this movie, in my humble opinion it's the best X-Men film so far and if they decide to reboot the series starting here (they've already contradicted a lot of X-Men film lore in this movie) then I would have no objection whatsoever. As ever the exciting thing about the movie is the new mutants it showcases, which has me scarmbling around on Wikis and encyclopaedias (I'm particularly grateful for the Marvel Wki, which I think I'll add to the sidebar) and it's interesting to see how long standing comics characters have been adapted to fit into a movie so my aim is to priovide a quick comparison between the screen version and the established comics version of the character.

Before I start two things: First I must admit to only a cursory knowledge of the Marvel in-depth universe, so some discrepancies may well appear and I'm not even going to attemp covering the Ultimate and other versions of the character. Second I'm only going to cover new mutants in this post as otherwise it will take too long - I'll probably cover the others in some retrospective posts - assuming this goes well.

The First Class

Banshee (Screen)
Real Name: Sean Cassidy
Power: Audiokinesis (Sonic Scream)
Affiliation: X-Men

Banshee is a young mutant recruited by Charles Xavier who discovered him with the Cerebro device that tracked mutants across the globe. He had little control over his power, only using it for cheap tricks such as scaring away fish at an aquarium. Xavier taught him how to control and unleash his ability to release devastating screams, and even to fly. He fought in the Cuban missile crisis alongside the fledgling X-Men, using his screams as sonar to locate and attack the Hellfire submarine. He joined Xavier's academy though was absent in later years, interestingly Siryn (his daughter in the comics) is present in the original triolgy as a young student.

Banshee (Strip)
Real Name: Sean Cassidy
Power: Audiokinesis (Sonic Scream)
Affiliation: X-Men/ Generation X/ X-Corp

Banshee was a successful Interpol agent based in Ireland who kept hi mutant powers secret. While away on a job his wife was killed in a terrorist attack, and his newborn daughter (unknown to him) was kidnapped by his cousin Tom Cassidy and raised by him. Sean first met the X-Men as an opponent when he was controlled by Factor Three, with the use pf an explosive headband, he was freed and after a spell on his own joined the X-Men aiding them in numeroud battles including a abattle against Tom Cassidy where he was united with his daughter. He later became head of Generation X and X-Corp. Banshee was killed in battle years later, trying to save a plane full of innocents from an attack. His daughter has taken the name Banshee in his honour, but like a great many comic book characters he has recently made a return from the dead.

Havok (Screen)
Real Name: Alex Summers
Power: Plasma blasts
Affiliation: X-Men

Alex was imprisoned for killing a man, presumably with his powers. He kept himself to solitary confinement in an effort to prevent his abilities for harming others. Xavier released him to work for the CIA and helped him focus his ability with the help of a special emitter, though he was reluctant to use his power, especially when the Hellfire Club manipulated it into killing another mutant. He fought with the X-Men in the Cuban Missile Crisis, using his blasts agains the Hellfire Club's mutants, he then joined Xavier's academy. It is yet to be seen what his relationship to Scott Summers is in the movie universe.

Havok (Strip)
Real Name: Alexander Summers
Power: Plasma blasts
Affiliation: X-Men/ X-Factor

Alexander was seperated from his older brother Scott (aka Cyclops) at an early age when their parents died in a plane crash. His powers manifested when someone tried to kidnap him and his adoptive sister, and Alex disintegrated him with his ability. He studied Geophysics at University, and after gradfuating worked for a mutant who realising his identity used Alex's ability, combined with his ability to absors energy to transform himself into the almost unstopabble Living Monolith. This being was defeated by the X-Men, but Havok refused to join, preferring to stay out of civilization. He succeeded in this until he was captured by Sentinels, after being rescued again he agreed to join Xavier and was reunited with his brother. He has been a long-standing member of the team, though he has at times left to join X-Factor, and to follow his love the Goblin Queen.

Darwin (Screen)
Real Name: Armando Munoz
Power: Adaptive Mutation
Affiliation: X-Men

Darwin was one of many young mutants discovered with Cerebro. He earned his living as a Taxi Driver and jumped at the chance to belong with other mutants, showing off his ability to adapt to any situation, such as growing lungs when underwater. When the Hellfire Club attacked the X-Men, he led the fight against the enemy but was killed when Sebastian Shaw absorbed Havok's energy and released it inside of him.

Darwin (Strip)
Real Name: Armando Munoz
Ability: Adaptive Mutation
Affiliation: X-Factor / X-Men

Darwin was marked as amutant from childhood, having long arms and a bald head. He discovered his ability when bullied at school - the bullies put his head in a toilet and he found he could breath underwater. When his mother was caught in a fire, his body adapted and he carried her out unharmed, but she rejected him as a mutant. After being tested by scientists and feeling depressed about his condition he was rescued by Moira McTaggert and brought into the X-Men. Once thought dead in a battle it was not so and his body adapted once more and he returned to the X-Men.

Angel (Screen)
Real Name: Angel Salvadore
Abilities: Winged flight, corrosive aliva
Affiliation: X-Men/ Hellfire Club/ Brotherhood

Angel hid her wings, though she was marked with dragonfly wing tatoos. She worked as an exotic dancer, hiding her ability until Xavier and Magneto demonstrated their own mutant abilities. Sick of pandering to humans and hiding her true nature she joined the Hellfire club and fought against her former friends, later joining the Brotherhood.

Tempest (Strip)
Real Name: Angel Salvadore
Abilities: Wings, corrosive spit, later elemental powers from a suit
Affiliation: X-Men / New Warriors

When Angel's ability began to manifest she was driven away by her abusive stepfather and fully mutated, growing wings. After being attacked for her mutant powers she was rescued by the X-Men and joined their class. She became involved romantically with Beak, a fellow mutant and had children with him. During the House of M incident she and Beak lost her powers, but she now works with the New Warriors thanks to a technological suit that grants her powers.

And that'll do - I'm all for the movie writers adapting the characters, who often have convoluted storylines, into new versions for the movie universe while keeping the same powers and rough identity. I was going to do the Hellfire Club too - but that'll wait for another post I think!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Stuff: The Halo Motion Comics

As part of it's exclusive range of content Halo Waypoint is showing some web comics animated by ONE Studios, adapting some of the short stories from the Halo Evolutions short story collection and bringing them to life. The Current story The Mona Lisa is mid way through it's adaptation, but seems to have been delayed because of E3 andf other things, but I've held off this post long enough, so here's an outline of the stories and some of the new stuff found within.

1) Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian

A trooper is under for an operation on cancer, now a rare condition among humans and easily treated. He wakes up to find his ship ambushed and the crew dead, only he can stop the Covenant from taking over and finding Earth. Assisted by the ship's AI he takes the fight to the Covenant single handed.

New Ship

UNSC Heart of Midlothian

Classification: Destroyer

This was our first proper glimpse of a Destroyer, we've seen some in Halo Legends and in comics, but usually only a partial view and to be honest they all look quite different so maybe there are different models or configurations, but anyway this time we got a decent look at this impressive ship.

New AI

Mo Ye

Mo Ye is a smart AI aboard the Heart of Midlothian, who takes the form of an old Chinese lady, complete with hacking cough. I put her down of note mostly because it is revealed she is bound by Asimov's laws of robotics.

Also revealed is a serum used by Insurrectionsts that gave them increased body strength and durability, designed to fight spartans, this substance eventually killed it's user.

2.) The Return

Story: One of the few pieces set after Halo 3 (just reminded me - HALO 4!!!!) it tells the story of a Sangheili shipmaster who returns to a human world he once destroyed for the Covenant, he now ponders his purpose without the Prophets to tell him what to do.

New Planets


This was a colony world easily destroyed by an Elite Shipmaster under orders of the Prophet of Conviction. Later the shipmaster returned, finding humans retaking the planet, but fighting Kig-Yar pirates over Forerunner relics hidden on the world.

The Mona Lisa

Story: The crew of a prowler sent to investigate the ruins of Halo find to their sureprise a UNSC prison ship floating in the debris field. When a marine crew is sent to board it they find rampant covenant on board, a dead crew and something far deadlier...

UNSC Red Horse

Classification: Prowler

This is the first time we've had a visual representation of a Prowler and I have to say it looks pretty cool with it's Hawk Like profile. Prowlers are stealth ships using various countermeasures to stay invisible. While equipped for combat they tend to stay out of the fight, providing valuable intel to the fleet.

UNSC Mona Lisa

Classification: Prison Ship

The Mona Lisa is a converted transport, used as a prison ship by the UNSC, which made it extremely unusual for it to be right next to Halo when found by the Red Horse. It had been repurposed by ONI to capture Covenant prisoners and study them, but got taken over when some prisoners were show to have a strange infection...

Well that's it for now - Halo Waypoint is free to all Xbox Live Gold members, Halo Evolutions is available in bookshops worldwide.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 34

And before you know it we've reached the series break for Doctor Who, with the series due to return in September with the intriguingly titled episode 'Let's Kill Hitler'. I won't reveal too much plot in case some overseas readers are um...reading but yeah, what was I saying - oh right there are some new aliens. As ever if you want more general opinion on the shows please visit the Impossible Podcasts on the sidebar for amusing and informative discussion.


Strictly speaking not a new species, but an event worthy of note nonetheless. It was really fascinating to see the TARDIS come to life in such a remarkable way, brought truly to life by the penmanship of Neil Gaiman. The dynamic between her and the Doctor was brilliant as she got to reveal her side of their long story, such as the fact that she 'stole' the Doctor, as opposed to him stealing the TARDIS, which is how he always saw it. It gives you much more appreciation for the magic blue box we see week by week.

Somehow, by the malevolence of the being known as 'House'. The living being of the TARDIS was seperated from the construct it usually inhabits and put into the body of a young girl named Idris. The TARDIS quickly adjusted to life in her new form, but knew that her energy was consuming the body she inhabited. While House had intended to seperate her in order to use the TARDIS for himself, the human TARDIS paired with the Doctor chased and defeated him.


Ooh, just thought - wouldn't it have been great if they got Hugh Laurie to play the part of this character!! Anyway Michael Sheen did a great job as this monster who we don't know much about other than it lives in a bubble universe, kills time lords and generally appears as a green gassy thing. But he had a cool creepy voice and that made him great!

House was a mysterious entity existing outside the known universe in a 'bubble' accessible through a space-time rift. An energy being he was able to possess physical constructs, such as the asteroid where his servants made their home - earning the name 'House'. He fed on artron energy and lured Time Lords to his world and sonsumed them and their TARDISes. He was killed when he possessed the TARDIS of the Doctor, and hunted down by the Doctor who returned the matrix of his TARDIS to the control centre, eradicating House's presence once and for all.

The Flesh

I was intrigued to see where this one went with 'gangers' of people and I'm still not entirely sure if I liked it or not. I'm never particularly convinced when clones or copies of people gain the memories and personalities of their creators - it's normally rushed over by supplanting some device as able to give 'memory imprints' or worse it is just taken as part of the cloning process. Now the idea of it being a freak accident kinda works in this episode and the dramatic tension of two sets of people with the same memories competing for who is 'real' - especially when you throw a copy of the Doctor into the mix was good fun!

The Flesh was an artificial living construct made by humans for a number of purposes, one of which was to create 'gangers' copies of humans that could be used to inhabit dangerous habitats without damaging their controllers. Unbeknownst to the humans the flesh had some degree of sentience and learned about humans as they used it more and more. In several freak incidents Flesh 'gangers' became disconnected from their handlers and retained their personalities and memeries, often fighting for the life they believed they had.

Headless Monks

Again not necessarily a new species but definitely different - I wasn't overly impressed with these headless Jedi, I think far more could have been made of them. The headless concept could have worked really well - an enemy whom the Doctor can't talk to or reason with, instead it's just his companions who are left to gun them down.

The Headless Monks were part of the militarised Church's forces. Dedicated to service they removed their heads so that they could become pure. They also were possessed with some kind of energy that they could shoot or ignite their swords with. They were used against the Doctor but defeated by his companions.

and that's just about it - though there appeared to be a new set of cybermen on the loose too - we'll see. More in September!

Friday, 10 June 2011

The Wall - May '11

OK, you should know the drill by now - here's what went on my wall in the month of May this year.

1) Desmond Miles T-Shirt

It finally arrived! I've had my Abstergo hoodie for a while and it's great to have something that fits into the Assassin's Creed Universe but it's even better to have something from the game itself that one of the characters wears! I'm eagerly awaiting the white hoodie that accompanies it, but UbiWorkshop are out to get all my money 'cause the3y've just released a black hoodie and white version of this t-shirt from the forthcoming Revelations game - can I resist?!

2) The 4400, series 4

The final series of this epic science fiction drama has been out a while, but I finally found it at a decent price, in Johannesburg of all places! (I'm British, it's far way - I mean no slur on South Africans!) I love this show's concept - 4400 people dissapear across a few decades and are returned at once with superpowers as part of a mission to change humanity's futre for the better. The producers were hoping for a fifth series but that didn't happen so the ending wasn't as satisfying as I'd hoped but it did give a lot of answers and wrapped things up as a series nicely. I like the show as it deals more with emotions and uses a minimum of special effects to ahieve great tension as superpowered individuals decide how to use their gifts.

3) Star Wars Coruscant Nights II: Street of Shadows

I'm really loving this series so far, as with the comic series Dark Times it shows the great potential for stories between the trilogies. Continuing the adventures of Jax Pavan a lone Jedi hunted by Vader and member of 'Whiplas' a resistance movement that helps smuggle dissidents in and out of Coruscant. When one such missin gets him involved in a murder case Jax is forced to solve the case himself before the police investigation uncovers his true identity. What I like about this is it deals with real life, the characters go through day to day struggles, not grand adventures and it is a great and gritty feel of life in the Dark Times. It also features Captain Typho of Naboo and Aurra Sing in what can hardly be called cameos...

That's it, more in a month!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Scanner Darkly

So I have a scanner now! Well to be more acurate I have a scanner that actually works!! So I thought I'd share with you a few things that I found interesting in comics and things I've read recently, that I haven't been able to stick in posts because the panels haven't made their way to the relevant wikis from whom I regularly source pictures. So here are a few things I've been meaning to grab over previous posts:

Assassin's Creed: The Fall

This page shows the variety of Assassins around the world, from businessmen to buddhists, it was great to get just a glimpse of the wider world of the order. In Desmond's time the Assassins have been forced to go underground, but it's great to get a shot of them in their glory days.

These guys in black are the Mentor's personal Assassins operating on his direct command, how much they know of the leader was never revealed but they at least knew to bring Daniel to the leader's base.

Knight Errant Aflame

This is a Daimanite Starcrosser which I failed to find an image for, unfortunately it's blocked a bit by a trooper and some dialogue, but I think it's big enough for you to get the shape of the thing.

And this is the Freedom Fleet a motley collection of mining and cargo vessels stolen by Kerra to smuggle Daiman's slaves offworld tot eh safety of the Republic.

And that's it for now - but it's not the last you'll be seeing of my scanner, in fact I've some scans to pass on to you very soon...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

E3- Day One

So it's on! I caught a few snippets of very exciting news that leaked early (you already know don't you?!!) while in the middle of writing an important job application, with some serious determination I managed to finish without being distracted in time for the Xbox conference and I got busy taking screengrabs of all I could - the quality isn't amazing (it was from a live feed after all) and there's bound to be better stuff out there - but I thought it was about time I got you readers something I'd found myself, even if it's a bit iffy on the quality!!

First game up was Gears of War 3 which I got a few shots of from this gameplay demo.

Marcus and his team are fighting a new aquatic lambent monster with enormous tentacles that smash through the ships they're fighting from.

To fight back they use a Silverback mech suit - my screen grab is awful, there are better shots of the WIKI

The next game was Mass Effect 3, which has been heavily demoed, with a few surprises in store.

The first surprise is Kinect availability, whihc I don't think anyone saw coming. The primary use of Kinect is in voice control, you can now speak in Shepard's dialogue options, making it seem more like your choice and you can also command your squad to move and use their powers with your voice, which could make gameplay very engaging.

We also got a glimpse of this working in a level which featured Mordin Solus as well as Garrus and Liara back on the squad.

After infiltrating this base and meeting up woth Mordin, they encounter a Krogan female - the quality of my shot isn't great, but she is in some kind of cell and containment so you couldn't see much anyway.

Lastly Shepard is up against some nasty Cerberus troops, including some that can hide behind riot shields and this nasty mech.

We also got to see Shepard use his Omni-Tool as some kind of blade in a nasty takedown, but it was too fast for me to get a shot - I've got more Mass Effect stuff to post up soon anyway.

Next we got more looks at what will happen with Kinect and Microsoft really looks to be making the most of the hawdware, with FunLabs, which is already online, that scans you to create an avatar and a bunch of other software that's coming soon, with far more connectivity to hardcore games too. There were a bunch of kid titles and the anticipated Star Wars Kinect, I wasn't bowled over, but it will be a lot of fun by the looks of it, and if they refine the controls it could really enhance the experience of, say, the next Force Unleashed game.

But by far the most exciting aspect of the show was Halo. The rumoured and anticipated Halo Anniversary a full HD remake of the first game was announced and will be out in November. The graphics aren't quite as super-slick as I'd imagined but the gameplay has definitely been ramped up with Reach style assassinations an available tactic.

Some slicker-looking Pelicans in this shot.

Elites looking a bit more shiny too, as are the environments

And of course Halo itself has had a bit of a polish.

OK, but after an accidental leak, our hopes and dreams were finally confirmed - HALO STINKIN' FOUR!!!

The chief is roused by Cortana, you can just about make out the lady as the Chief uploads her to his helmet.

After flying through the crumbling wreckage of Forward Unto Dawn with the aid of some boosters on the back of his armour and a souped up pistol the chief stands on the broken edge of his ship.

Which is being dragged toward something huge and dangerous looking...

Presumable something on the Forerunner world we saw at the end of Halo 3's Legendary ending. Which begs the question what will the chief find and what will he fight? Given that this us going to be a new trilogy there's obviously going to be enough threat to keep it going but with the Covenant disbanded and the Flood eradicated you've got to wonder who's left to fight. Well I have faith in the Halo team and I can't wait to find out - but for now, just having it confirmed is amazing!!

And that's it, I'll keep my eye on other E3 developments but most of the good stuff will surface for you I'm sure. Now that I have my scanner working I look forward to giving you more stuff that I haven't just stolen from the web - I'll just steal it from comics and magazines instead!

Have a great E3 guys!