Wednesday, 18 April 2007

TMNT - A review (some spoilers)

Sorry folks, been a bit busy of late but I'll try and keep the good stuff coming. A while back I went to see the epic return of the greatest heroes on webbed feet. Oh yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles finally made their return to screen and what a treat it was. It was great to see Leo, Raf, Mikey and Donny get out their bandannas, their weapons, their skateboards and of course their pizza in another epic adventure.

The story is set after the defeat of the Turtle's greatest enemy, the Shredder, and the brothers, without their great enemy to give them a united goal, are drifting apart - all narrated fantastically by Laurence Fishburne. Some have managed to get used to "normal life" (Mikey is a big hit children's entertainer) others just can't give up the glory days. And with Leo sent away to train by Splinter, the rat sensei and father to the brothers it's harder and harder for the group to stay together.

But a new threat arises, Max Winters, a billionaire and also an immortal warlord hires what remains of the Foot, Shredder's minions, to retrieve ancient artifacts and triggers events which lead to four stone warlords being unleashed on the city, while bringing an army of monsters out of hiding. As the battle rages the turtles must work out who to fight and who to trust and just how to save their city from utter destruction.

This new perspective on things and the development of the turtle's personalities and lives is a great aspect to it and it was good to see that they weren't just retreading old territory or "remaking" the original storyline. There was some great voice acting, especially by Patrick Stewart, who fitted into the Winters role very well, despite his distinctive voice you still believed him as a character. There were other new characters as well that were good too, such as Karai, the leader of the Foot - April and Casey made a welsome return too.

My slight dissapointments with the film are that Donatello didn't have much of a role, and he's my favourite turtle. Secondly the animation style was a little bit lacking, the human characters and monsters were done on a high quality level - similar to the Incredibles, which is very good to be true, but the turtles themselves were so brilliantly constructed that the other characters looked a bit too cartoony when stood next to them. This wasn't a hindrance to my enjoyment, just something I noticed.

That'll do for now folks - there's a few ideas bubbling under so expect to hear from me soon.

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