Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Vehicle of the week 8 - Moya

Well I've fallen far behind with my vehicle of the week articles due to confusion and a bout of slightly more important things going on in my life. It is my somewhat lofty goal that I will get three vehicles covered this week and then move on to another category having brought the articles up to ten. Whether that works is something time will tell, but it's worth a try eh? Next week I'll try and put up a review or article about Transformers - but I'll let you suckers who didn't go to the advance screening have a chance to catch up eh?


Leviathan transport
Manufacturer: The Builders
Speed: Hech drive, Starbust capable
Weaponry: None
Affiliation: Independent
Captain: Ka D'argo

Moya is the lead ship of a daring new Sci-Fi series that was like nothing I'd ever seen before. Everything about this ship was cool - it's design, the intriguing "Starburst" transportation and of course the fact that it was alive!! I've been out of touch with Farscape for quite a while so I will try my best to do justice to this excellent show and cool ship in this article.

Leviathans were a unique class of ships produced by a mysterious God-like race known as The Builders. Completely organic, they were also sentient beings capable of communicating with the beings they carried on board. They bond with another, almost humanoid, life form known only as Pilots (which accurately describes their role on the ship) who help control things and relay the thoughts of the ship to the crew. The race is able even to produce offspring, though producing warship offspring is frowned upon the the Builders, who regard their creations as emmisaries of peace. Leviathans live an average of 300 cycles (years?) and when they die they go to a Leviathan graveyard in a hidden corner of space.

Moya was a prison transport until it was overrun by its prisoners and fell under their command. The arrival and capture of John Chrichton propelled the ship into somewhat unwanted significance as powerful forces such as the Peacekeepers searched for the wormhole technology hidden in Chrichton's mind. Moya and it's pilot eventually bonded (though not so literally) with it's crew and lead through conflicts with the deadly Scarrans as well as many other dangerous races and individuals even more weird than the ship's own crew. Despite suffering personal injury on many occasions the ship remained loyal and was probably the most loyal of the crew! Moya gave birth to a son, named Talyn, who was engineered by the Peacekeepers to be a warship, much to the dislike to Moya's creators. Talyn had a troubled life and eventually died to protect Moya and her crew and was taken to the Leviathan graveyard. Moya continued to serve Crichton and his company through the Peacekeeper Wars.

Well that was a trip down memory lane - I hope I've remembered enough to be accurate, if a little skimpy on the details. more to come soon I hope!!

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