Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Power Trip - announcement

Whenever I do something new on my blog then the introduction has a habit of crowding most of the space of the first post so I have decided to introduce my latest venture in a seperate post. The series I hope to do "power trip" will, using the television series Heroes as a jumping off point, track the use and development of superpowers in verious genres and hopefully track down their roots in less contemporary materials. On a regular basis I will take a different character from Heroes, examine their superpower, compare it to other superheroes and then try and see where the idea for that gift came from.

My idea was initially based on the self promotion and self awe as shownb in the behind the scenes "Heroes Unmasked" shows where the cast and crew constantly praise the show on it's amazing originality. In terms of superpowers, most of the main cast have well established powers already familiar to the comic book community so i wanted to show them up, but since Heroes has turned out to be amazingly good and there are some truly out of the box featured in supporting characters I will do these articles in a more positive light.

They will no doubt regurgitate a lot of Wikipedia content, I would love to do more indepth research, but unless this blog becomes massively popular overnight or someone starts paying me to write this stuff (dream on!) then research will have to be fairly cursory.

I'm also gonna start tagging to try and increase readership, my first article will be out soon, along with another Legacy update and more things I've been meaning to write!

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