Monday, 31 December 2007

Who based updates

For Christmas I recieved the Doctor Who Encyclopedia and so have been able to make a few nifty updates to some of my articles and doubtless there'll be a few more corrections on the way. The book has been most helpful in giving names to the species and planets encountered in The Infinite Quest which has helped tidy up my article on them and make it look a bit more authoritative. Unfortunately some of the pictures used have now gone out of date and no longer appear in the article but hopefully the updated info makes up for it.

You can read the article by scrolling down my blog for ages, or better still click to it HERE

I didn't cover them in any of my Who posts, but you may be interested to know that the blue Stewards from series one belong to a species called Crespallions.

Well that's it for now till I find more gaps to fill - unless it's been delayed (again) there should be a new Legacy out soon for me to rabbit on about.

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