Saturday, 21 February 2009

SF at the Movies - February 09

A bit late again with this month's movie watch and we haven't had much in terms of content, which I again apologise for. I've been meaning to write some kind of follow up to the Halo 3 review like I did with Assassin's Creed but I haven't been sure of how to go about it so for now i'll fob you off with a quick look at what Sci-Fi goodness is out on big screen this month.

Released 20/02/09

Again, only one main line Sci-Fi release this month in the form of Push a modern, gritty superpower flick. Now superpowers aren't exactly uncommon on screen's with comic book adaptations and shows like Heroes frequently high up in the viewings. But this movie manages to hold it's head up and manage, just about, to be original. It's had mixed reviews but I personally really enjoyed it. It's strenght is the film style, it's an action thriller about a Government plot, that features superpowered humans, and is much more akin to one of the Bourne films than Spiderman. They've also carved out a niche by having only mental powers such as telikenisis, mind-altering and future reading as part of their world and not throwing laser eyes or flameballs in just for better effects. It's a bit of a head-bender as the impropmtu team have to work against an organisation that can predict the future of any of their actions and the different characters and abilities come at you hard and fast, but it's definitely worth watching I'd say.

And that's it - there's also the new Street Fighter movie, which may qualify, but I'm not familiar enough with the games to comment, even with SF4 out this month also so I'll leave it out of the Sci-Fi content for now. Happy watching folks - keep your eyes peeled for March, it's gonne be good!!!

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