Thursday, 13 May 2010

Star Wars Legacy: The Fate of Dac (47)

It may not seem that long ago, but it honestly has been a month since the last Legacy issue was out. And now it won't be long until the last issue is definitely out as the series ends in a few month's time!! It looks to be a heck of a ride to the end as the galaxy erupts into all-out war. No updates so we'll go straight for it this time.


This is based on more guesswork - but I hope you get the idea of lots of people focusing on Dac!

Issue Review

Darth Wyyrlok, now ruling the Sith, decides that Dac is a waste of resources and gives the order to erradicate all life on Dac, which Vul Isen, Sith Scientist, is happy to execute so he can test his viral weapons, though Darth Azard raises the question about the other life forms, like the Quarren - Wyyrlok permits them to leave, but doesn't offer any help.

Days later Rogue Squadron scout the planet and find a mass of bodies so large it looks like land, enraged they return with new to the Admiral. More Jedi have joined the fleet and hordes of civilians bring their ships to aid in the evacuation, including Nat Skywalker and Chak and Kee. With the Imperials only lightly defending as they pull out they secure the spaceports and a floating city and begin evacuation - things go well, though there is tension for priority of evacuation between sea based species like the Moappa and Whaladons and land based like Quarren.

The Sith arrive, led by Darth Stryfe, and force Stazi to move his fleet to defend the evacuation, buying time with drone bomb ships to distract the enemy, they are still outgunned until the Fel Empire arrives with support, allowing them to finish the evacuation - in all they get about 20 percent of the population away, noting that they 'did all they could'

Back on Coruscant Wyyrlok gets a call from Nihl informing him that Krayt it missing!!

My Two Credits

This was a powerful issue, dealing with the ultimate atrocity of the Sith - genocide. The debate about priority of different species was a gut-wrenching choice still being debated on message boards right now. There was also a heartbreaking panel at the end as the remaining Mon Calamari watch the final transports leave. The next arc promises all out war, and well deserved it is as the Sith surely get their comeupance.

The only downside was there was a lot to pack in and certain things, such as the involvement of the Jedi, were only briefly featured. Still it was great to see all these factions come together in preparation for the big push.

And that's it! One more arc to go, but I may indulge in some more Legacy here and there.

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