Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blogga's Wall - August '11

It's that time again! I had hoped to be using Avatar Kinect for this, but it's playing up at the moment and it's a bit of a faff to fit around my work schedule so I'll stick with good ol' text for now.

1) Knight Errant: Deluge #1

I've really enjoyed the return of this series, which had an explosive start when, as always, Kerra arrives to the rescue just as an invasion force arrives to take the system. With Hutts flying starfighters and superweapons that control the weather on a water planet this series is off to a great start already when a starfighter force from the Republic shows up to help Kerra! We also got a glimpse of Arkadia, one of the Sith from the novel so I am totally buzzed about this issue and can't wait for more!

2) Planetary, Volume 3

I am really loving this series. It's amazingly well written with classic Sci-Fi adventures and an over-arcing plot that really drives it forward, we got more of the origins of characters like Elijah Snow and Jakita Wagner and the whole thing picks up the pace as the group finally take the fight to 'The Four' their adversaries. Along the way we meet vampires, a sci-fi city in the middle of the amazon, a space programme from the 1800s and aboriginal myths come true. It just gets better and better!

3) Captain America: The First Avenger

I really love this movie!! The Avengers series just gets better and better - I thought Hugo Weaving was amazing as Red Skull and Tommy Lee Jones was hilarious as the Army General behind it 'I ain't gonna kiss ya!' was brilliantly delivered! I liked how they took the time to really develop the character of Steve Rogers before throwing him into the action against the Hydra division. Bring on the Avengers!!!

That's it - there won't be a Blogga's Wall for September as I haven't had much time for Sci-Fi stuff to my shame, normal service will resume soon I promise!!

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