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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 24/4/13

So I'm finally playing The Old Republic, the Massively Multiplayer Online Game from Lucasarts and BioWare. Set in the ancient days of the Republic (and 300 years after their massively successful Knights of the Old Republic series) it is a dark age as the Sith have returned and taken over huge portions of the galaxy forcing the Republic into an uneasy truce after years of war. In this restless peace heroes will emerge to change the fate of the galaxy.

I'm really enjoying playing this game and being in the living world of Star Wars again with other players sharing the gamespace. The multiplayer aspect means I can play with my wife and it's a lot of fun sharing the experience with her. She's playing a Jedi Knight and I'm a Smuggler and we're currently playing our starter quests to try and reach the point where we can meet up in-game. So every now and again I'll post about my progress because there are plenty of exciting new species, droids and characters for me to get excited about and post up here.

New Characters

There are of course hundreds of characters in the game willing to offer quests and interact in other ways, I will do my best to condense the information to the essentials.

Kaled Ors
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Smuggler

(How typical - my character blinks when I take a picture of him!!)

Kaled Ors is a seasoned smuggler loyal to the Republic, willing to transport any cargo to any destination...for the right price of course! The main hero of my story he arrives on Ord Mantell to deliver a cargo of high-spec blasters to Republic troops to find that this shipment may be more complicated than he'd like!

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Mercenary

Kaled's first contact on arrival on Ord Mantell, Skavak worked for the Republic port authority. He enlisted Kaled's help to clear the Seperatist anti-air battery so that Kaled's ship could leave safely, but this was a ploy to get Kaled away so he could steal the blasters for his Sepratist employers and also help himself to Kaled's ship!!

Corso Riggs
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Soldier

Corso is an accomplished soldier who worked for the port authority and helped Kaled when he arrived on Ord Mantell and gave him help on how to fight the Seperatists. After being duped by Skavak he gave Kaled the right contacts to help him track down his ship and has agreed to join Kaled to get back at Skavak for his betrayal.

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Freight Management

Viidu was known as the 'King of Cargo' on Ord Mantell, most shipments to and from the planet went through him and his vast warehouses. When Kaled's shipment went missing, he was pointed to Viidu who was eager to assist him recover them, especially as they were to go to a particularly vicious crime lord who would not be pleased to lose his shipment.

New Factions

Mantellian Soldiers

The local forces on Ord Mantell are locked in a wearying battle with the Seperatists on the planet. They are grateful for assistance from Republic soldiers...and are also willing to pay for the help of anyone skilled in using a blaster to clear out the enemy forces.

Mantellian Seperatists

Fed up with the corruption in the local government, this group of armed citizens have decided to force the planet to leave the Republic and have turned peacful villages into a battleground as they seek to push back the local peacekeeping forces, forcing the Republic to deploy troops to the planet. A range of species have joined this movement and they have a number of specialists, from rocket troopers to snipers, deployed to hamper Republic efforts.   

New Droids

Drelliad Service Droid

This model of droid was used at the port of Drelliad on Ord Mantell, managing ship arrival and maintainence as well as cargo delivery.

Medical Droid

Medical droids are used by the Republic to treat wounded soldiers on the battlefield and provide emergency relief. They are also authorised to sell supplimentary medical supplies and take other items in trade.

Package Sorting Droid

Not exactly significant, but I couldn't resist including these little guys, a downgraded astromech-type model used for sorting cargo at Viidu's vast warehouses.

Seperatist Liberation Droid

These heavy patrol droids are used by Seperatists to harass Republic supply lines and maintain control of their territories. There is also a heavy-duty version of the droid called a Freedom Droid equiped with missile launchers.

Separatist Assault Droid

Another model of battle droid employed by the Separatists, these humanoid machines were used as guards to key Separatist facilities.


This droid was the companion of Separatist soldier Gorry and deployed to protect a Separatist base at Mannet Point. He detected the dead bodsies of guards killed by Kaled when he inflitrated the facility and put the base on alert, requiring Kaled's best smooth talking to get out of the situation!!

New Species

Gapillian Grazer

As suggested by the name, despite their massive size and armoured bodies equiped with powerful horns, the beasts are herbivores; docile and for the large part harmless unless provoked or frightened. They are seen moving around the wilds between the settlements on Ord Mantell.


I'll update the map as I progress - as it stands all the action takes place on Ord Mantell for the smuggler.


All that remains is to write about what little of the story I haven't given away!! I'll endaevour to be brief and summarise the key quests my character has undertaken - if you want more information look at the wiki TOR Head which was invaluable in making this post, especially for providing much better screenshots than I can produce!!

Kaled Ors, an accomplished smuggler with Republic ties arrives on Ord Mantell with a high prize shipment of blasters. On arrival in Drelliad port he finds a warzone between Republic troops and Separatist forces, holding up the delivery of his cargo. He ventures out into Drelliad village to disable Sepratist anit-air emplacements and other equipment delaying his job, picking up work taking out Separatist enclaves along the way - for a reasonable price of course!! On his return he finds the port in uproar and his cargo gone, stolen by Skavak. He turns to Viidu, the local crime boss and cargo king who agrees to help him retriev the cargo to save both their necks. Kaled travels to Mannet Point, a Separatist stronghold, to meet Reki who has access to a Separatist database. After decoding the information in Reki's safehouse Kaled breaks into the Separatis base and downloads the information, smooth talking his way out of a confrontation with Separatist forces. With the information in hand, he prepares to return to Viidu to find out the location of Skavak and his ship!!

Ok that's about it, more on The Old Republic in a few weeks time!! The final Mass Effect post and a new Doctor Who post coming up!!!

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