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Star Wars Legacy: Prisoner of the Floating World

So Legacy's back!! The era, set 100 years after the books continues with a new protagonist, Ania Solo, descendant of - well I don't need to tell you that! With Darth Krayt defeated the Sith have gone into hiding, but when Ania comes across a lightsaber hidden among a junkpile she uncovers a new plot to threaten the galaxy.

New Characters - Ania and friends

Ania Solo
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Junkyard owner

Ania has carved out a life for herself on the outer rim, far from the famous and central characters of her ancestry. While running her own business and not getting involved in larger galactic life she still has the same Solo spirit, loyasl to her friends with that same knack for winding up in trouble.

Species: Mon Calamari
Sex: Male
Occupation: Ice Miner, engineer

A talented engineer, Sauk was made a refugee when Darth Krayt's Sith Empire targeted Mon Calamari and killed all life on the planet. With few options he became an ice miner on Carreras Minor, using his talents to value items from Ania's junkyard when she came to visit

Species: Droid (unidentified type)
Sex: Neutral programming
Occupation: Enforcer

Part of Ania's crew SD was a towering security droid that took care of unruly dealers and protected the junkyard from threats. SD fell foul of the Sith who pursued Ania after she found a lightsaber.

Species: Droid (IG-series descendant)
Sex: Male programming
Occupation: Freighter captain

An assassin droid with free will, AG acquired his own ship and, generally, makes his living as a law abiding citizen, transporting goods around the outer rim. He has a strongly developed sense of loyalty to Ania and his friends.

New Imperial Knights

Yalta Val
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Imperial Knight

Yalta Val was a senior Imperial Knight sent to the Carreras system to oversee the installation of the new galactic communications network hub in the system, linking the outer rim to the core. Unfortunately he fell foul of a Sith trap and was captured.

Jao Assam
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Imperial Knight

A junior Imperial Knight sent to oversee part of the new communications array. When Master Val did not check in he realised something was wrong and went in pursuit of him, battling Darth Wredd with the help of Ania Solo, who helped free Master Val and defeat the Sith, though Jao was seriously injured in the process

New Sith

Unidentified Sith
Species: Unknown
Sex: Male
Occupation: Sith Master

The orchestrator of the plot on Carreras, after defeating Master Val in combat he was betrayed and killed by his apprentice, who continued the plot for his own ends.

Darth Wredd
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Sith Apprentice

After suffering under his master's apprenticeship, forced to wear a helmet at all times. Darth Wredd broke free of his master, assassinating him and taking over the plot to sabotage the plans of the Galactic Alliance. He impersonated master Val and overrode the communications array before revealing himself to the galaxy and revealing his plan, to be the only remaining Sith and rule all.

New Vehicles

Nune-class Shuttle variant

A smaller, more agile version of the standard Imperial shuttle. It could carry a standard crew and a small contingent of Stormtroopers to a location with speed.

Carreras System Starfighter

A standard snubfighter used by the local government to enforce the law and patrol the system.

Ania Solo's starship

A small, unarmed cargo craft used by Ania to transport herself and any valuable goods around the Outer Rim systems. Capable of flight on planet as well as in space, Ania could pilopt her nimble vessel to avoid the law, ultimately sacrificing her ship to escape Sith pursuit.

IG's freighter

A spacious cargo ship used by AG to transport goods around the system and could comfortable hols smaller ships such as Ania's in its hold. The ship was used extensively in the confilct on Carreras, demonstrating it's droid owner's loyalty to his friends.

Triumvirate starfighter

A new model of starfighter used by members of the Galactic Alliance/Empire/Jedi Triumvirate. One of these models was the personal craft of Imperial Knight Jao Assam.

Carreras Patrol Ship

A powerful mid-size capital ship used by the Shifala government on Carreras to run down and capture enemy ships. This ship tractored and brought aboard AG's freighter.

Darth Wredd's Ship

This sleek craft was used by Darth Wredd to escape the destruction he had caused in the Carreras system.

Communications Array

Part of an effort to provide better connection between the Outer Rim and the core and unite the galaxy under a new government

New Planets


A rogue planet, buried within the veil of the Surd Nebula and off any official charts. This planet was the base of operations for Darth Wredd and his master.

Carreras System


A small system, consisting of at least two planets, Carreras Major, a habitable planet- home to the Shifala species, and Carreras Minor a ringed giant with ice mining facilities stationed on it's rings. A remote system it was selected for the new communications array programme.

New Droids

Imperial Communications Droid

A mobile communications platform, these droids were able to broadcast across the vast reaches of space. These models were versatile and able to act independently. The droid assigned to Yalta Val retrieved his lightsaber when attacked and assisted Jao Assam and Ania Solo to rescue his master, even saving Jao's life.

Swarm Droid (?)

My name for a nifty piece of technology used by the Carrerras military, when boarding a captured vessel dozens of these small droids woulld converge on the entrance, overwhelming the crew and flushing them out to where they could be captured easily.

New Species


The native species of the Carreras system, these simian humanoids dominated the government and military of the system, ruled by a Governor, Biala (pictured).


No map, due to Carreras being a new system. In the wake of the destruction caused by Darth Krayt's Sith Empire the new government, the Triumvirate, seeks to re-establish order in the galaxy. One effort, led by Empress Marasiah Fel is a new communications array to improve communications between remote systems and the Core. En route to the Carreras relay Imperial Knight Yalta Val is captured by a Sith who impersonates him and assumes command of the relay. Master Val's communications droid is damaged and winds up in the possession of Ania Solo, who takes it to Sauk her friend. When repairing the droid they discover a lightsaber, which draws the attention of the Sith. Fleeing the military under his command they run into Jao Assam and run a rogue operation to stop the Sith plot. They hunt down and confront Darth Wredd in time to save Yalta Val and expose the plot, but not in time to save the array, which crashed into the planet Mala, hidden in the Surd Nebula. 

Wow that was a long post!! Always a lot of new stuff but I wanted to get ahead as I don't think I ever caught up on posting new content in the first volume of Legacy. We'll see what the future holds for the series with the announcement of Marvel re-aquiring the rights to Star Wars comics in 2015 - read more here

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