Monday, 7 July 2014

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 44

A look at the species that appeared in the 50th Anniversary and Christmas Specials of Doctor Who, marking the end of Matt Smith's time as the Doctor.

The Moment

I thought the 'moment' was a great idea, not least because it gave a way to bring Billie Piper back into the show that worked without being overly sentimental. Especially with her interactions with John Hurt she played a great role as the sentient weapon. The special was one of the best if not the best episode of current era Doctor Who, a fitting episode for such a momentous occasion.

The Moment was a Galifreyan weapon created in ancient times with the power to wreak incredible destruction across space and time. So elegant was the design that the weapin developed sentience, becoming a being in it's own right. It was locked away by the Time Lords who feared to use a weapon with a conscience, but was stolen by the War Doctor. It interacted with him and was able to alter time to save Galifrey for the future.

Wooden Cybermen

I thought these cybermen, along with the whole episode was a bit of a let-down after the sheer brilliance that was the anniversary special. Nothing was particularly bad about it, it just didn't have the same magic, which you would expect for Matt Smith's end.

In an effort to penetrate the Doctor's defenses, the Cybermen created a soldier made of organic material, but this model too was bested by the Time Lord.

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