Tuesday, 27 March 2007

It's coming, it's coming up, it's...

A whole host of Sci-Fi related film releases!! I'll leave you to make up your own minds on what to see and what to miss, but I'll try as best I can to link you to what's out there and what's coming up. The hyperlinks will be links to the movie trailer as found on the Apple Movie Trailers page. Enjoy

TMNT - Out now or very soon, the latest adventure of the mutated, shell wearing, martial artists that we all love, told in CG animation

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - I've yet to see the first film, but the addition of the enigmatic Silver Surfer to four of the greatest superheroes of the genre will be interesting to see - out on June 15th (US)

Sunshine - I don't know a lot about this other than the trailer, seems to be a problem with the sun and a bunch of scientists have got to fix it. I'll try and get more info soon- such as when it's released!

Transformers - This is the big one in my opinion. I was never really into Transformers, but I always knew they were coool! This film looks huge in scope and the action and special effects look to be top notch. The link only goes to the teaser trailer, click on the link for the official site to get the full trailer. Transformers is released on the 4th of July (US)

Spider Man 3 - Another biggie, Spidie dons a new black suit as Venom, one of his most famous enemies, slithers into town. I don't think I need to say more, other than that it's released in May

There's probably more, but that's you lot for today



Serpen Phlox said...

About Venom in Spiderman 3

I think the Raimi-Venom is a great deception for all that Venom fans. It seems Sam Raimi had an accurate perception about what thing Venom should be for Spiderman Universe. Unfortunately, in its very own creativity, Sam eliminated all the symbolisms that many drawers, despite small changes, knew to preserve.

GREAT WHITE LOGO IN CHEST. Contrast between white and black means danger, “be careful”, poisson. Just look at the nature, any bug with this color pattern is saying “hey, buddy. Stay away”. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a tiny grey spider, barely visible.

GREAT TEETH ALWAYS EXPOSED. This means aggression and violence at extreme and permanent. Is not Venom this, always?. Instead, Raimi-Venom has a couple of big lips covering mostly time tiny teeth. Just look at the production photos.

HEIGHT. Size matters. It means power and implicit domination. Instead, Raimi-Venom is almost a dwarf.

GREAT TONGUE. Sadism and cruelty, they are basic in Venom’s personality. If it has, Raimi-Venom doesn’t shows anything like that.

After this, any doubt that Raimi-Venom is a great deception?

A figleaf of your imagination said...

That's very interesting, and thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I don't really know enough about Spiderman and Venom to comment on it, but i am aware that there are some key differences visually.

The suit is definitely different, when I first saw it I didn't think Venom at all, I just thought - ooh spidey looks cool in black! But the Venom apparel is pretty iconic so it does stray away significantly.

I had a peek at your blog, it looked interesting even though i couldn't understand the text! Is there going to be another Venom in the film, I just thought it was Parker wearing the suit, but it looked like someone else was, or was that just a stuntman?

As for the big teeth and tongue, how exactly does that work? Venom possesses someone, how does he change their features to be so different, as I said I don't know a lot about Venom.

I have a few other questions, but then I don't want to spoil the film too much!! Thanks for your input.