Friday, 9 March 2007

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It was just announced on the Star Wars website that a new book entitled 'The Essential Guide to the Force' will be released later this year. This is very exciting news for myself as i'm an avid collector of these essential guides and i have every one except the latest Alien Species one, which I'll get off my friend as a belated christmas present. These books have come out roughly every year for over a decade now and I love them. They cover topics from vehicles to planets to weaponry and droids, giving details on the manufacturers, capabilities and locations of all these things within the Star Wars universe. Obviously it helps if you're a massive Star Wars fan if you want to buy these books as they cover content way beyond what's in the films, covering topics found in books comics and other media. The guides are handy since they can visually represent something that's only described in text elsewhere and helps make the Star Wars world that little bit more real. so if you're a Star Wars fan, particularly if you're interested in the EU ( and if you are then you'll know what EU means!!)
I'm particularly pleased with this guide as it's branching off from the normal topics. So far the books covered most of the essential topics and then produced updated guides of each- but now it seems they're willing to branch off and try other topics which is good. If you're interested in getting any of these books, the best one I can reccomend is the updated Essential Chronology, giving a concise yet detailed history of all the important events in the wider Star Wars history. The older version is good as well, but it was printed before Attack of the clones and the epic New Jedi Order book series.

s'all looking good

May The Force Be With You

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