Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Star Wars Legacy - series review (SPOILERS!!)

I recently got my hands on a copy of the thirteenth issue (finishing the second story collection) of the brand new Star Wars Legacy comic series. The series has messed with my brain by not only bringing a new vision to Star Wars, but also on occasion being exceedingly complicated to get my hands on, more than once have i thought I'd missed my chance only to find that a reprint had been made or that the delivery was late or that there actually was one issue buried under a pile somewhere!

This series is the boldest move in Star Wars since George decided to make the prequel trilogy. Set almost 140 years after Episode 4 the series builds a new Star Wars universe with all new characters, an all new setting and a fantastic storyline. Some hated it before it even was release, others were disapointed with some issues, many more absolutely love it and it is easily the biggest selling Star Wars comic series of current times. Created by fan favourites John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, creators of the Republic (later Clone Wars) series, whose character Aayla Secura so impressed Lucas that he put her into episodes 2 and 3, the series was taken on faith because of the great work of it's creators.

By the way from now on if you see the words Star Wars Legacy - assume there'll be spoilers!!!

Our first glimpse of the new galaxy showed the Jedi Academy, now on Ossus instead of Yavin 4, being attacked by a new form of TIE fighter and an army of stormtroopers led by red and black painted Sith. A man bearing the name Skywalker stood atop a pile of slain stormtroopers and was finally taken down by force lightning. The Empire declared victory over their former allies, the Galactic Alliance, but no sooner had the Emperor accepted the victory speech than he was cut down by the fearsome leader of the Sith, Darth Krayt.
The story moved on seven years, when Cade Skywalker a Jedi survivor had abandoned his name and taken the life of a bounty hunter. He lived a dangerous life, Jedi had high bounties on their heads and the Sith were contstantly hunting for them. Meanwhile the Emperor had survived by means of a double and was now leading a rebellion against the Sith. Cade and he collided when he ran into his daughter, after being forced to turn over a Jedi to protect his identity, the Sith chased them and they were drawn into a conflict. Cade had to use the enormous healing power he posessed to save the princess before safely escorting her to the stronghold of Bastion.

The story then hopped back to reveal the beginnings of the story from the Emperor's perspective, showing his innocence in the murder of the Jedi and the details of his escape from the Sith. The we jumped forward again to the Sith hunting for Cade, and discovering a meeting for an alliance between the Emperor and the remainder of the Galactic Alliance, the meeting was disrupted, but Cade escaped...because the Agent hunting him was in fact his mother!!! Cade did in fact return to Ossus, and found some fellow Jedi there, as he trained he found something else - Yuuzhan Vong!! The Vong were now allies of the Jedi and revealed that they too were in hiding from the Sith. After training and resolving some of his issues, Cade decided to right the biggest wrong he'd made by rescuing the Jedi he'd turned to the Sith, he was given a mechanic to accompany him - R2D2!!

And in the latest issue, the Sith send Darth Kruhl to assasinate the Emperor, who proves he has a lot of tricks up his sleeve and beats the Sith Lord in lightsaber combat.

Though it has had the odd disapointing moment in it and there are some things I would have done differently (personally Id've change the stormtroopers into something else as well as a few other things) this series does succeed and makes an exciting addition to the Star Wars saga. I do like the fact that they have been realistic about the 100 year time gap, something peeople are often unable to do for some reason, and they've advanced the technology etc. without going nuts - they've changed things around, but still payed homage to the style and innovation of the originals.

Over the next few weeks I plan to do a number of articles covering various aspects of Legacy, characters, organizaytions, ships etc. This series is the most exciting thing in Star Wars at the moment and I'm chuffed about everything that happens in it so expect to be hearing a lot more about it as long as I keep buying the issues!!!

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