Friday, 8 June 2007

Star Wars on TV

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"Star Wars is not dead" announced George Lucas in a recent interview. With the release of Episode 3 in the cinemas concluding the prequel trilogy many thought it would all be over for the Star Wars saga, but Lucas soon anounced that he was planning on bringing Star Wars to the small screen with an animated series and a live action series to follow. While my hopes are more focused on the live action series, which could be a failure or a massive success on the scale of Lost, 24 and other epic series, I am hopeful that this animated feature could do as well and be very entertaining.

It was revealed that the new series would be done in the format of a CG animated series, essentially a 3D cartoon - a trailer has been released HERE

The trailer is an exciting one, and the series looks promising. The return of Assaj Ventress to the Clone Wars world will be interesting, especially if it reveals what happened after her supposed death. Many other events looked compelling and believable too.

You may be unaware that this won't be the first time Star Wars has appeared on TV. At the time of release of the original trilogy several miniseries emerged, mostly aimed at young children. There was a Holiday Special featuring a return to the Wookie home planet of Kashyyyk, which is generally an embarassment to fans. There were two other series, Ewoks and Droids, both aimed at a Junior audience and recently rereleased on DVD. Lastly, the events of the Clone Wars were made into a cartoon series after the release of episode 2. Consisting of a series of shorts (1st season) and a collection of larger episodes (2nd season) the series detailed events inbetween episodes 2 and 3. The series had a cartoony, presentable style which has been continued in the new series. I'd hoped that maybe they'd utilise the realistic technology used in films like Final Fantasy, but i can see why they kept it cartoony and it works well, except for General grievous who looks suprisingly similar to the LEGO Star Wars version!!

Anyways, it looks good and I'll keep me eyes posted for any news on the live action series.

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