Friday, 14 September 2007

Star Wars Legacy #16: Updates and Review

Now that I've started writing articles on Star Wars Legacy it is obvious that they will need updating as the series progresses. So any storylines which progress or impact the lives of characters mentioned in the articles will be mentioned. So in this article I will add any updates to the active Sith found in issue 16.

First of all some news on the Legacy front. Obviously the new issue is out, if you're behind on Legacy you probably won't get much of what goes on, but there is a flashback which features Obi-Wan Kenobi in the time after Order 66 so that might interest you and the rest will give you a taste of the world of Legacy. If you want more of a taster then Legacy 0.5 will be released this december - it is an updated edition of the guidebook released at the start of the series with info on all the characters ships and organizations on this new series. Lastly a series named Vector has been anounced, starting next year and crossing all four Star Wars comic titles - it is planned as a jumping on point for new readers and will take you through a vast Star Wars timeline, culminating in the Legacy era.

OK, updates - here we go. Obviously there are SPOILERS

Sith: Active Personell

Darth Krayt - Lord Krayt revealed that after Order 66 he returned to Tatooine and became a warlord of the Tusken Raiders, taking back the land that had been claimed by settlers in a conquest of vengeance until he reached the Lars farm where he met Obi-Wan Kenobi. Kenobi ordered him to stop his crusade, he refused and they fought until Obi-Wan bested him. Shamed and mutilated, his people abandoned him and he followed Obi-Wan's order to leave the planet and never return. How he turned to the path of the Sith has yet to be revealed.

Darth Stryfe
Darth Stryfe made his first appearance, he is in orbit over Ossus where he believes some Jedi may be in hiding.

Cade Skywalker - After hearing Krayt's story and demonstrating his own power Cade has decided to begin training in the Sith Order.

Darth Talon - She recieved a dire beating from Cade, who demonstrated how he could use his healing power to maim. After demonstrating how a Sith never asks for mercy she has now been given the role of his teacher.

Well those updates pretty much cover the story other than the intro in which Morrigan Corde accepts the mission of breaking Skywalker out of the Sith temple on behalf of the disgruntled Imperial Moffs who want him for their own power. She meets Cade's former crew, covertly inviting another crew that have unfinished business with them. She then reveals her identity as Cade's mother and sets her plan to free him in motion.

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