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Star Wars Legacy - The Sith: Inactive Personnel

First an apology for neglect of this blog - I will try and catch up with species of the week soon and post two or three articles next week. I covered the still active members of the new Sith Order in the first series of articles and now I will discuss the fallen and see what they can reveal about the nature of the order in a changed galaxy. All details are current as of issue 16, and since the characters are dead, things are likely to stay that way!!

Darth Ruyn

Species: Twi'lek
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Ryloth?
Position: Trainer
First Appearance: Legacy #2 (Broken part 2)

Darth Ruyn was an aged teacher who trained many of the Sith of Darth Krayt's new order. The best that he had trained was Darth Talon who became Darth Krayt's hand. He and Talon were close and Talon admitted to caring about him yet when ordered to kill her master she decapitated him without hesitation, completing her training and bringing the career of Darth Ruyn to a close.

Darth Maleval

Species: Quarren
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Mon Calamari?
Position: Appointed leader - 407th legion
First Apperance: Legacy#4 - Noob

Darth Maleval was a ruthless leader in the Sith Order who delighted in inflicting pain on enemies in a variety of ways. He was sent to lead a legion of stormtrooper against another legion that was trying to defect and had been stranded on Borosk. He launched himself into the attack, not seeming to care about the risk of harming his own men and delighting in the use of both his lightsaber and an electrified whip. He demanded absolute loyalty from his troops and pushed them to breaking point when he ordered the lieutenant in charge to execute his own brother who had defected then killed them both when he refused. This enraged the squad who was with him and he was gunned down from behind by one of the troopers.

Darth Kruhl

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Korriban?
Position: Assasin
First Appearance: Legacy: 13 (Ready to Die)

This brutal dark lord was totally dedicated to the Sith Order and completely willing to face death to further the cause. Kruhl organised the Empire aquisition of Munto Codru by manipulating the tribal leaders and eliminating resistance. Next he was given the assignment of infiltrating Imperial stronghold Bastion and assasinating former Emperor Roan Fel. Fel bested him with tactics as well as skill, but the attempt served an alternative goal of making Fel complacent. Whether Kruhl new this or not he was still willing to give his life for a chance to bring down opposition to the Sith.

Jor Torlin

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Korriban
Position: Adept and Sith Agent
First Appearance: Legacy #9 (Trust Issues part 1)

Jor Torlin was trained to be Sith on Korriban, but never had a great enough connection to the force to join the ranks of the Sith. Instead he was trained as an agent, working for Sith Intelligence and Assasination with his latent force powers giving him an edge over other agents. Torlin was given the task of tracking Cade Skywalker and found him on the wheel where he also bumped into Imperial Agent Morrigan Corde who coerced him into working with her to break up an alliance between Fel and the Galactic Alliance. Torlin pursued Skywalker to Ossus then turned on Corde, mistrustful of her, but Corde had alreanty implanted him with toxins which she released - quickly killing him.

Darth Wyrrlok the 1st and 2nd

Not much is known about this particular order other than all the members are Chagrians from the same family and are given the role of loremaster and advisor to Darth Krayt - his most trusted counsil. A thirs Wyyrlok is currently serving and a fourth is in training.

Darth Krayt's Hand

Before Talon could be trained Darth Krayt's "hand" died. Darth Nihl had been intended for the position of "Fist" - in charge of the military forces of the Sith, but this change meant Nihl became a Hand even though Krayt doesn't fully trust him.

Many more Sith have fallen at the hands of Jedi and others, but the Sith are still strong and a great number. But it is important to remember the fallen and they can teach us as much about the group as those who still serve it.

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