Saturday, 12 July 2008

Heroes returns...again!!

OK folks Heroes has just clocked off here in the UK, but after a somewhat longer break in America Heroes returns in a web based miniseries dubbed "Going Postal" is going live on Monday the 14th of July. I can't say much about it, but a dose of Heroes so soon after the season finale can't be a bad thing right? The trailer is currently online at the official Heroes site HERE.

The series seems to be centering around the life of a postman (hence the title, clever huh?) who develops a power, something to do with manipulating soundwaves to a potentially lethal extent. There are some other characters seen, but not much is shown. One's his wife/girlfriend, there are at least two suit wearing government (company?) agent types and one unusually pale looking fella, who'se probably a power too. And just to hook you in Angela Petrelli appears at the very end, though how connected to the story she is remains unclear. All in all, enough to get you excited yet enough left unrevealed so I at least will certainly be watching.

With it being a US broadcast there's a possibility that it may not work for UK/other folks but I'd hope they'd put it up globally and the trailer and other media work fine so let's hope eh?

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