Tuesday, 22 July 2008


If you've seen the film, you'll know what to expect. The book is word for word like the film, therefore - excellant.
This isn't much of a review, just a recommendation to buy and read one of the best Sci-Fi stories ever. I suggest reading books 1-3 and Prot's report, but don't go any further. From book 4 it's no longer prot as the protagonist and it wears a bit thin. But the first trilogy is self contained, and a bargin where you can find it.
The trilogy is a bit weird. In the first, you're pretty sure he's an alien. The second maybe not. And the third? that would be telling. But it does keep the series going.
Word of warning: There are some quite "adult" themes in this book, and some potentially disturbing ones. But even so, it is a great novel and worth investing in.
See ya.

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