Friday, 12 September 2008

Sam's follow up thingy

I couldn't resist.

Deadpool, the "Merc with a Mouth" Pretty much the same powers as Wolverine (See Aled's Post, only a little faster and sans the Admantium skeleton. He does make up for the lack of claws with a huge arsenal of weapons.
Another upside to Deadpool is the comedy. Unlike the dark stories of Wolverine and Hulk, Deadpool's tales set out to make you get the giggles.
Pour Example,

Anyhoo, the product of Weapon X (Responsible for Wolverine, Sabretooth etc.) he recieved his healing powers from DNA meddling, based on wolverine's powers.
There's a couple of Marvel characters with the "Healing factor", notably Sabretooth, Maverick, Omega Red, Kestral and Silver Fox, most of which were in Team X (Weapon X's Black Ops Team, Led by Wolverine. Even Professor X and Iron Man have Healing Factors now.
Well, thats all i can be bothered to write. If you want to know more, just wait till the Wolverine movie. Pretty much all of the above are in it.
(Note, these are NOT from the Ultimate Universe. I cannot be bothered and it would complicate things if i went through each of the above's counterparts. That's what Wiki is for)
PS. Wolverine's Origin has been revealed. It's in a graphic novel cleverly named "Wolverine : Origin"

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