Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Star Wars Legacy #25-26: Updates and Review

Star Wars Legacy 25-26 (The Hidden Temple)

It's been a while, but I'll bring you briefly back to the world of Legacy where in this two-parter Cade Skywalker takes a trip to the ultra secret Hidden Temple of the Jedi. Cadw wants the help of the Jedi so that he can stop running from Krayt and the Empire, but when he arrives he naturally finds more than he bargained for.

The Sith don't really feature in these issues so I'll move on to the Jedi, naturally there are a stack of new Jedi what with it being a Jedi temple and all so I'll update that in a follow-on post soon, but for now I'll just update the Jedi already featured in the series.

Jedi Updates


Severely injured in Darth Stryfe's decimation of the Jedi temple he was nonetheless able to keep his friends alive. In need of healing he revealed the location of the hidden temple to his companions. Still recovering from his injuries, the Whiphid had been appointed to the temporary Jedi Council at the temple when Cade arrived.

Shado Vao and Wolf Sazen

These two travelled with master K'kruhk to the hidden temple after the Ossus temple was destroyed. Both were glad to see Cade, but were troubled by his plan to assassinate Krayt - Shado confronted Cade, intending to show him his own darkness, but Cade refused to be goaded.

Nat Skywalker

Nat agreed to take Cade to the temple and was welcomed by the Jedi council despite having left the order many years previous. He discussed Cade's plan with the Jedi, reluctantly accepting that his drastic plan might be right.

Imperial Knight Updates

Marasiah Fel and Company

Sia, Antares and Ganner act together in this one so I may as well update their story in one go - actually, these updates might be getting old, I'll have to think about it. Sia and her crew tail Cade's ship to the hidden temple and land near them in their cloaked shuttle. This displeased Cade who along with Shado, attacked the Knights for their intrusion until the Masters arrived and halted the dispute. They then proposed an alliance between the Jedi and the Imperial Knights, which had a mixed reception

Azlyn Rae

She succesfully led the Imperial Knight team to the base, earning the respect of her fellow Knights, but angering Cade and concerning the Jedi, who wanted to reconsider joining the order. She questioned this, but Marasiah mentioned that the only Knight to leave the Imperial order died shortly after.

Well that's most of the story, Cade and co get to the hidden temple, a collection of old starships embedded in a swamp hidden in an asteroid. The Imperial Knights follow, but are cautiously welcomed by the Jedi council. Cade then brings up his plan to assassinate Lord Krayt, which disturbs the council, but intrigues others. Jariah Syn, cade's crewmate sees the Jedi who killed his father and confronts him, but is defeated and forced to see the truth about his father, that he was a criminal with no honour who killed and pillaged for fun. The council eventually decided not to pursue Cade's path, but the Imperial Knights agreed and Antares, Ganner and Azlyn joined Cade's crew, along with Shado to go and cut off the head of the Sith.

I think I'm gonna have to rethink how I do these, with more categories being added the "updates take up most of the space now, I might just leave it for new characters or if one of them dies or something. We'll see - I'll update the new Jedi from the temple soon.

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