Thursday, 20 November 2008

SF at the Movies - November 08

Well we're way past the half way mark of this month so I guess I'd better have a peek at what's out at the movies for this month. We seem to be having a bit of a slow patch SF wise these past few months with few 'proper' Sci-Fi releases at all. There's a few out this month, but all are a little leap to the Sci-Fi world and most are just horrors with a slightly fntastic setting.

Max Payne

Released 14/11/08

Mark Wahlberg stars in the latest video game to make an on screen adaptation. Max Payne and it's sequel have been some of the most popular video game titles released and are still memorable several years after the release of the second game. According to my friends, wh o know more about the titles than I do, the film is actually a pretty accurate representation of the events of the game - which doesn't happen too often. The film is gritty and action packed, though a bit bewlidering at times if you're not familiar with the original source. It is mostly a thriller with a touch of film noir, but there's enough weird companies and body enhancing drugs to keep me happy with putting it here.


Released 21/11/08

This film takes as it's plot the possibility of what might happen if a city's population turned blind. It is highly reminiscent of the plot of day of the triffids, only without the moving plants that killed everyone. This has put me off somewhat, but I've had a look at the trailer and the plot does seem quite convincing and original and is set to be more than just a rip off or piece of Sci-Horror. Not entirely sure if it's for me, but it looks a perfectly valid showing for this month.

Released 21/11/08

This one definitely is a horror, with maybe a bit of SF hidden inside. Some people go to a place, find some weird diseasy type thing that's killed people and stuff. They go in to find out then the place gets quarantined and they're stuck inside. Looks like it's going from a news crew's perspective so it might be a bit Cloverfieldy...probly more Blair Witch. Dunno, could be good - if it is let me know and I might nod or something.

Won't be long till next month - keep an eye on the apple website for trailers, there's some cracking good ones on there, I'm particulsrly looking forward to Push and Monsters vs Aliens.

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