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Star Wars Legacy - The New Jedi Order part 3

Posts on here are getting less frequent and I do have to apologise, but actually having a real work schedule for the first time in my life is starting to take it's toll. It's quite a while since I've done a Legacy post, but I figured I'd get ahead and introduce to you a few of the Jedi who popped up in some recent issues.

As you may or may not remember Cade and his pals arrived at a hidden temple where a large number of Jedi were in hiding, there were too many to introduce in the issue review so I'll post about them now, enjoy.

Hidden Temple Jedi


Species: Zabrak
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Iridonia (?)
Position: Jedi Knight (maybe Master)
First Appearance: Legacy # 25 (The Hidden Temple, part 1)

Mai was one of several Jedi who found refuge in the Hidden Temple set up by Nat Skywalker and others. When the Imperial Knight delegation came to the temple she was tasked with attending Azlyn Rae their agent. Later she approached Jariah Syn who had just identified his father's killer, but mistook his emotions and was surprised an knocked unconscious by Syn.

Tili Qua

Species: Chadra-Fan
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Chad (?)
Position: Council Master
First Appearance: Star Wars Legacy #25 (The Hidden Temple, part 1)

Tili Qua was one of the most senior Jedi to escape the Sith and make her way to the Hidden Temple. As such she was elected to the impromptu Master's Council that guided and lead the Jedi who chose to remain in the temple. She was very skeptical of the Imperial Knights and still harboured regret about the Empire's involvement in the Sith War and take over. She and the other council members also chose to reject Cade's plan of assasination, deciding it wasn't the Jedi path, nor was it time for the Jedi to become involved in war against the Sith.

T'ra Saa

Species: Neti
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Myrkr (?)
Position: Council Master
First Appearance: Star Wars Republic: Darkness

T'ra Saa was a surviving Jedi from the Old Republic era who was also a treelike Neti, one of the oldest and most mysterious species in the galaxy. She had been part of the Jedi Order for centuries before the clone wars broke out, helping train such Jedi as Mace Windu and Quinlan Vos. Despite misgivings of some Jedi she felt able to uphold her Jedi principles and yet have a loving relationship with fellow Jedi Tholme. She and Tholme were part of the galaxy wide Clone Wars and both survived Order 66. But sometime after, perhaps merely from old age, Tholme died and Saa rooted herself at his graveside and became treelike as her species can. The details of what happened next are unclear but it appears she did not join the New Jedi Order for some time as Cade was unaware of her existence, but sometime during or after the way she rejoined the Jedi and sat on their council in hiding, later joined by another Old Republic master K'Kruhk.

Tobias Sun

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Jedi Knight (possibly Master)
First Appearance: Star Wars Legacy # 25 (The Hidden Temple, part 1)

Tobias Sun was one of the Jedi Knights who found refuge at the Jedi temple, while young and energetic he resigned himself to the quiet contemplative hiding the Jedi Order needed to escape destruction. Tobias was tasked with looking after Cade's crewmates while he met with the council. Deliah was eager to find some excitement and Tobias went along with her and was delighted to see she could fix a speeder bike that had been broken for months, the two took it for a test drive, Tobias clearly enjoying the break in routine.

Rasi Tuum

Species: Cathar
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Cathar (?)
Position: Jedi Master, Jedi Master
First Appearance: Star Wars Legacy #25 (The Hidden Temple, part 1)

Those of you with extremely good memories may remember this face and name as having popped up before. It turns out Rasi Tuum was a family name for a group of Cathar Jedi. The one previously seen was named Ahn, who died at the hands of the Sith, and there was another named Zho, who was out searching for Jedi to bring to the temple. The other featured here was once the master of Azlyn Rae before they were seperated in the Sith assault. He tried to convince her to return to the Jedi, but Azlyn wasn't sure. Soon after he was confronted by Jariah Syn, whose father he had killed on a mission years earlier. Rasi got Syn to face up to the truth of what his father was and Syn begrudgingly left the Jedi alone.

Well that's it, other than to catch up on an issue or two - enjoy this content while it lasts folks!!

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