Friday, 2 January 2009

Heroes: Going Postal

Well I do keep mentioning online content and extra features and ARGs to people, not so much here I admit, but I do keep trying, generally in vain, to persuade people of the wealth of extra enjoyment available to those fans who are willing to give their precious time to geek out on the internet. So I have decided that, instead of promoting these things and hoping in vain that people will take interest, I shall instead bring them to you.

Heroes has a very good set of online stuff with weekly free online comics and a range of websites related to companies and characters in the show. Their "Alternate Reality Game" (ARG) type content is not as good as some other shows - I still think the Lost series 2 ARG was the best, but the variety of the content available and the consistent updates make it quite possibly the best show for online content, some of which I will share with you. The show bridged the gap between volumes 2 and 3 by releasing "Webisodes" - three short online episodes introducing a new character with a special ability - I could say more, but I'll let the episodes speak for themselves, they are available at the NBC Heroes website, but the content is restricted to non-US residents, something that boils the very blood in my veins, so we rely on trusty YouTube, where some kind fellow has cut the three episodes into one video, with a slight loss in quality - enjoy!

Want to know how Echo ended up in Level 5? Well when there are gaps to be refilled the Heroes "Graphic Novels" step in. You can read Echo's story HERE and see how Primatech used their wiles to capture the loudmouth postie.

I didn't know what happened next until I read his page on the Heroes Wiki, which reveals that in true Series 3 fashion they brought him back and killed him off. I don't know if he got out during the breakout, but at the end of series 3 he is in Level 5 and Noah Bennet releases him and the other inmates, promising freedom if he can take down Sylar. Later Noah comes across him with his throat cut in one of the cells.

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