Thursday, 29 January 2009

SF at the Movies - January 09

Well January's almost gone, but we may as well take a look at the films that came out in the cinema and that while we're at it eh?

The Spirit

Released 1/01/09

A film version of a classic comic book directed by one of the greatest comic book writers of modern times was always going to be good, and more than a little quirky. Don't expect your standard action movie with this one, as there are more quirks than a...what has lots of quirks?!
I found these to be a strength and gave the movie a darkly comic edge. While the movie has a contemporary setting and look it also fully accommodates the style of the original material. The Spirit's semi-tragic infatuation with the women he meets gives the film a great film noir feel to it and Samuel L Jackson, Scarlet Johanssen and Eva Mendes add more than a touch of colour to make this worth a watch - if it's still in screens that is!!

And that's it I think, January always seemes to be a bit of a slow month SF blockbuster wise, mind you we had Cloverfield last year. There's the new Underworld, which could possibly slot into the category but I'm not sure, there's also a slew of World War 2 films that are worth a look. I'd highly recommend Defiance and Valkyrie looks alright too.

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