Saturday, 2 May 2009

SF at the Movies, April 09 - and an apology.

Hello readers (wow, feels fun to say that an mean it...hopefully)

I must first of all apologise for the lack of content on this blog. My cohorts and I have all entered particularly busy and hectic stages of our work and academic years and so time for blogging is short, as it is for most other things. So the blog has been pretty quiet, and is set to remain so for the next few weeks at least. There have been a number of posts that I wanted to write but simply didn't have the time and again, this sorry state of affairs is going to carry on as far as I can tell for the near future and I apologise both now and in advance for the lack of content here.

In fact, our only solace is that now and again we manage to squeeze an hour or two to visit the cinema and bask in some Sci-Fi glory on a whopping screen. We're already in May, but most of April's movies will still be on release, so here's a look at what was out this month.

Monsters Vs Aliens

Released 02/04/09

One of the funniest films I have ever seen, I was crying laughing all the way through the trailer and I just had to see the film, which did not disappoint at all. For those who still may be confused, this film doesn not feature Xenomorphs at all, but rather a tentacled menace who challenges the best Earth has to offer - the best, that is, except a small team of monsters kept hidden away by the U.S. Government. The film makes a number of hilarious rip-offs of classic Sci-Fi films, but doesn't rely on them for it's comedy, being an original and hilarious piece - B.O.B. the indestructible, but also brianless, gelatic mass is particularly funny throughout. Well worth seeing.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Released 28/04/09

The next X-Men movie is easily one of the best as it looks into the beginnings of fan favourite character Wolverine and how he came to be the amnesiac metal clawed warrior we saw in the first X-Men flick. The film takes us on a whistle stop tour of Logan's life and the wars he fought in and the allies he made along the way. Then tragedy strikes as Logans love is killed by someone he trusted and all his allegiances and friendships come under question as he seeks revenge and answers, he finds both, but they drag him into a much bigger world than he would like. The film makes good use of small parts from other mutant comic heroes and even a few of
Wolverine's future associates make an appearance, but not wasted ones. Well that's probably already crossing the spoiler alert barrier so I'll stop there and just recommend that you give this movie a whirl.

Well this may be goodbye for a while - but keep an eye on the event horizon I'll be back soon I promise.

Oh, and so you know, this is the 150th post, at least we've hit a landmark eh?!

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