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Star Wars Legacy: Vector - Updates

Ok well I've recently covered the events of the Vector arc in Legacy, but while it's fresh in my mind I'll just do this update post, noting additional characters and key events for existing ones. Most of it will have already been discussed but there may be a few moments skipped or that occur "off the page" worth noting. So let's roll on.

Sith Updates

Karness Muur
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Sith Lord
First Appearance: Knights of the Old Republic #25 (Vector, part 1)

Karness Muur is one of the oldest Sith Lords in existence, one of the first few darksiders who fled known space and established the Sith order. He fought in the Hundred Year Darkness and is thought to be responsible for creating Sith Leviathans on Corbos. After the Jedi won the battle, he and other dark Jedi including Adjunta Pall and Xoxaan, who'se holocron trained Darth Krayt, landed in a primitive corner of the galaxy, conquering the native species. He continued experimenting in monstrous forms of life creating a talisman that turned nearby beings into mindless Rakghouls - he also bound his Spirit to the talisman so that when he died physically he would remain in the talisman and capable of possessing whoever tried to gain it's power. For millenia he endured as was passed from owner to owner or was lost until he was eventually bound to Celeste Morne, who kept him prisoner for four millenia. He saw opportunities to escape with Vader, Luke and Cade Skywalker, but was thwarted every time by Morne. He made a final bid for power when Darth Krayt arrived at Had Abaddon, but made the fatal error of trying to posess Cade, who shunned his power and destroyed the talisman, finally ending Muur's reign.

Darth Reave

Species: Devaronian
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Korriban (?)
Position: Sith Lord
First Appearance: Legacy #29 (Vector, part 10)

This Sith Lord was stationed on Deep Core outpost Had Abaddon. He sensed Cade's arrival and rallied the stormtroopers there against the attack, but they could not withstand the power of the Muur Talisman. Despite his skills with the force and his two lightsabers he could not hold them off and was bitten by a Rakghoul. He resisted the plague long enough to report back to Darth Krayt and then was overtaken and struck down by Darth Stryfe.

The One Sith

The Sith sent to Had Abaddon didn't fare so well. Darth Stryfe fell into a trap set by Cade and Jariah and was taken out by thermal detonators. Darth Talon lost in combat against Cade Skywalker and Darth Maladi was knocked out when Celeste made a force whirlwind to hurl Krayt off a cliff. All three are having bacta treatment initiated by Darth Wyyrlok.

Wyyrlok himself killed his master, Darth Krayt and now has to think very carefully about his next move.

Jedi Updates

Celeste Morne
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Ossus
Position: Covenant Shadow
First Appearance: Knights of the old Republic #25 (Vector, part 1)

Celeste was recruited by the ancient Jedi WatchCircle as one of their secret operatives watching for the return of the Sith. Off official records these Shadows acted quickly to hunt out traces of the Sith and destroy them. Celeste was a renowned operative and so was given the task of tracking down the Muur Talisman when her masters had a vision of it. When there she grouped with Zayne Carrick and followed the Talisman to Mandalorian outpost Jebble. She was possessed by the talisman and hid herself in a Sith containment chamber to restrain it's power. When the Mandalorians attacked she was stranded on the planet for four thousand years. Over time people found her casket, drawn to the power within. Wars were fought over it and it was lost and found unti, brought to a nameless moon and captured by Darth Vader who released her, wanting her power. She defeated him and spurned Luke Skywalker when he was sent on a mission there. Abandoning herself to the galaxy she was found over a century later by Cade and after seeing his will and power joined him in his mission to destroy the Sith. They were succesful, but several times during the battle Muur wrenched control from her, she eventually surrendered to Cade, knowing he could finish the task, and died at his hand.

Jedi and Cade

OK we've basically covered most of it other than to say that Shado Vao found himself tempted by the Talisman, which he did not expect and that Cade and Azlyn began to explore some old feelings, much to Deliah's dismay.

Imperial Knight Updates

This lady did appear but as she isn't named or confirmed to be a Knight I won't say much. She was on Bastion sparring with Roan Fel when he heard the news about the Muur Talisman. She was allowed to hear the trnasmission so they may be on close terms, but no more was revealed.

Roan Fel

Roan Fel authorized his Knights to aid Cade in his assassination mission while Sia continues in a diplomatic mission with the Jedi Order. He was severly tempted by the Talisman and it's power to turn his enemies into creatures he could control and ordered his Knights to retrieve it after killing Krayt.

The Mission

This decision caused difficulties in the Knights, especially with Azlyn Ray. While Ganner and Azlyn fought Krayt, Antares went after the talisman, but was knocked out by Celeste, who saw him coming. Ganner was revealed as having feelings towards Azlyn, but her affections to him are unclear, especially with Cade in the mix. Ganner insisted that Azlyn be treated by Imperials, but Cade and Shado refused, seeing their actions with the Talisman as a betrayal. so Azlyn has gone with Cade and Ganner and Antares are returning to Bastion.

As always I've rambled on for way more than I should have - hope it's interesting anyways. More Legacy soon.

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