Thursday, 10 December 2009

'Reach' for the stars

Ok this is my wishlist for the upcoming Halo game - Reach. Named after the planet and famous batle on which it is based, the game is an immediate precursor to the original Halo game. Despite the tagline 'Before the beginning you know the end' little is known about the game. The game is due for testing in a few months time and is essentially complete so saying what I want is going to have zero impact - but I'm going to do it anyway.

1. More Vehicles

ODST was a great game and introduced some new vehicles such as the civilian and police cars and the Oliphant garbage truck, but none of them were driveable, which was a pity I felt, though the usual range of warthogs and scorpions were available as well as some stashed Mongeese. But we also saw a few new vehicles in Halo Wars that would be great in game - I'd love to try driving a Cobra (above) around or flying a Vulture into battle, who knows maybe even something new. Storyline wise it woul fit and the game is operating on a new engine so a possibility I feel.

2. Blurry cinematics

Another clever title there - this refers to Blur studios who worked on the astounding cinematics for Halo Wars. OK, it doesn't have to be this studion in particular, but I think they've proved themselves. I'd be keen not to see a return of the in0game engine cinematics. I think the Halo cinematics so far have been brilliant, don't get me wrong, but once you've seen the quality a studio like that can produce you don't wanna go back - Halo deserves beautiful cinematics.

3. New Characters

This is Kelly - she's a Spartan who was at the battle of Reach and has also featured in other books and recently Halo Legends, will she appear in this game - it's a distinct possibility. I really hope - and I'm fairly sure this hope will be realised - that this game isn't going to be a rehash of Fall of Reach (I bought the novel in preparation for the game) and that it isn't just going to feature John-117 and other familiar characters, though I'd be dissapointed if they didn't make cameos. I'm really looking forward to a new set of Spartans and other military forces in the battle.

A fairly short list there - not too much to ask eh?

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