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Star Wars Legacy: Cade's Crew

I realised I've been telling you all about Legacy and the different force users and Imperials, but I've neglected to tell you about some of the core characters! Despite the wished of many around him Cade is neither Jedi nor Sith and flies around the galaxy on his trusty ship, the Mynock. And on his ship are his trusty crew who have gone with him through thick and thin and all across the galaxy.

Permanent Crew

Jariah Syn
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: First Mate (Mynock)
First Appearance: Legacy #2 (Broken, part 2)

After Cade was picked up by Rav's pirates, Jariah befriended him and encouraged Rav to make him part of the crew. At some stage they both left and got their own ship. Jariah quickly took to the life of bounty hunting, using powerful and illegal weapons such as Yuuzhan Vong bugs and a pragmatic approach, taking a 'dead' bounty if it made the hunt easier. Jariah hated Jedi because his father was killed by one and this made things tense between the two when Cade's heritage was revealed. But at the hidden temple he dealt with his issues and now he and Cade are closer than ever. Jariah has assisted in a number of important missions, notably the mission to assassinate Darth Krayt and to raid Rav's headquarters. His only real weakness is a taste for the ladies, particularly ones which get him into trouble such as Cade's cousin Annah and even his mother Morrigan Corde.

Deliah Blue
Species: Zeltron
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Zeltros
Position: Mechanic (Mynock)
First Appearance: Legacy #2 (Broken, part 2)

Deliah left her partygoing ways on Zeltros to become mechanic on Cade's ship. She is an expert and her skills are often the only thing keeping the Mynock flying. She is intensely loyal to the crew and in particular to Cade, whom she has had affections for for some time. The two are now in a relationship, though this has been rocky since the return of Azlyn Rae. As well as mechanic she also aids on hunts using her collection of blasters and concealed dart launchers to take down bounties. She encouraged a reluctant Jariah to help them spring Cade from the Sith temple and has kept the ship flying through a number of missions since, though she knows the risks - 'short and interesting' is what she says she wants and that's what Cade is promising.

Guest Crew

Along the way Cade and co have picked up a few extra crew for certain journeys and to help them out - here are some of those who joined up for a short period of time.

Naxy Screeger
Species: Sakiyan
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Gambler, informant
First Appearance: Legacy #2 (Broken, part 2)

Screeger first appeared as a bounty Cade was tracking, Cade tracked him on Lok and brought him back to Rav, who he owed. Sometime later Naxy agreed to let Cade and crew into Rav's fortress to confront him. In return they freed him from Rav and took him to a safe place, though they kept him in storage, not trusting him on the ship. Naxy is now free, but Cade has kept him availalble for other jobs.

Species: Wookiee
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Kashyyyk
Position: Captain (Grinning Liar)
First Appearance: Republic #81 (The Hidden Enemy, part 1)

Chak is a long-lived Wookiee who saw the Clone Wars and fought alongside Jedi Quinlan Vos and bounty hunter Vilmarh Grahk. He escaped the enslavement of his people by the Empire and has lived on the fringes for some time. He captained his own ship, but also made money by loaning it to others, such as Deliah Blue. When they were captured by Rav he looked for Cade, who had left the crew and knew nothing about it. He was recruited into the plan to rescue Cade by Morrigan Corde, who used his Wookie spacing knowledge to plan their escape and also made him legal owner of the Mynock to fool the Imperials. After freeing Cade he was good to his word and together they raided Rav's fortress and got Chak his ship back. Chak has since returned to the fringes, waiting for the heat to die down.

Species: Devaronian
Sex: Female
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Co-pilot (Grinning Liar)
First Appearance: Legacy #14 (Claws of the Dragon, part 1)

Kee is a feisty young mechanic who crews with Chak in his ship. She tracked down Cade, who she and the captain knew of old, and demanded her ship back. She was recruited by Morrigan Corde into the rescue plan, uing her microcurcuitry skills to turn Vong bugs into bombs and spying devices. After getting her ship back she said her goodbyes to the crew and followed her captain to space.

OK, that's it for now - more Legacy soon!

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