Thursday, 25 February 2010

Heroes: The Recruit

The current series has finished in America, but it's still mid-run over here in t' U.K. so some Heroes content is inevitable. There are still ongoing comics on the official website, though other content seems to have died down a bit with the finale. I'd still recommend getting into the comics and iStories, but this post is to get you caught up on the 'webisodes'

If you're not sure webisodes are short episodes released on the web that give extra content about a TV show. This third series is entitles 'The Recruit' and is the first to feature a major character from the show, namely Angela Petrelli. It follows shortly after the creation of the power giving serum in Volume 3: Villains and what happens to Rachel Mills a recruit ready to test the serum.

I can't embed so I'll just have to give you web links. This was kind of a bridge between volumes but it's still worth a look I'd say.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (this link only works in the US so I've included a link to the wiki summary for UK users HERE)

Part 5

And that's it, but there are a few more webisodes I can share with you so stay tuned and all that.