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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Stuff

Ok this is where I've sometimes had a bit of a debate on issue a game raises or what it tells us about culture. I can't think of anything in particular to discuss based on this game and I can't say I was incredibly insightful in my previous discussions, though with topical games like Darksiders out there's plenty of room for debate still.

But as this part of the established Star Wars franchise I'll just take some time to comment on what it has added to the existing continuity.


This game gave us a new character in Starkiller, or Galen Marek, or The Secret Apprentice. Trained in hiding by Darth Vader with the purpose of helping him take control from the Emperor he is able to use the force to cause incredible damage. Vader is always in the background, manipulating the character's actions. The fun of playing the character is the ability to combine force powers such as push, grip and lightning in devastating combinations, with force repulse, which sends a shockwave out blasting all enemies from nearby, a highlight.

New Jedi

Rahm Kota

This Jedi Master survived the Clone Wars because he didn't trust the clones, instead building his own army. He is one of the first agents of rebellion, using his forces to strike at the new Empire. The General has an impressive set of force skills and is a great lightsaber combatant. The apprentice is sent to kill him to prove his power, he defeats him, but Kota survives to become the apprentice's new master and to unite the Emperor's enemies into the formal Rebel Alliance.

Kazdan Paratus

This Jedi is not only deadly - he's insane! Tormented by guilt at abandoning the Jedi Temple he fled to the junk world of Raxus Prime and replicated the Jedi Temple and the Jedi Council from junk and fought to protect it. He combined his powerful use of force grip with his interest in mechanics to create force-animated droids that assembled themselves from junk and defended his territory from scavengers. He moves about on a custom-built walking frame that enables him to climb walls, rapidly eveade enemies and manipulate his long-handled lightsaber to great effect. He was defeated by the secret apprentice.

Maris Brood

Apprentice to Shaak Ti before she fell at Starkiller's hand, Maris faced dark times on the world of Felucia. After Shaak died she lost her way and gave in to the dark side for fear of Vader, corrupting the locals with her darkness. Despite being an apprentice, she had an impressive set of force skills, using the force to render herself invisible while making dashing movements around an opponent, she could also summon and control a bull rancor. She is perhaps best known for her lightsabers, with a 'tonfa' grip, known as guard shotos.

Shaak Ti also makes a reappearance, and Kento Marek, the apprentice's father is also part of the game, appearing in the first level and later as a force ghost.

New Vehicles

Rogue Shadow

The Rogue Shadow is your personal transport, as Juno Eclipse, your pilot and love interest drops you off and picks you up from your missions, very similar to Jan Ors and Kyle from the Dark Forces series. The ship is quick and nimble, equipped for stealth rather than combat with a fully functional cloaking device. The ship is a great way of getting you in and out of target locations undetected.


This is a variant on the classic 'walker' vehicle seen commonly in Star Wars. This 'Construction' vehicle uses controlled tractor beams to move large objects about with ease. It can use this ability to hurl large objects at attackers, equivalent to the power of a Jedi. In the game there is also the AT-KT, essentially a beefed up version of the normal walker.

Imperial Dropship

This makes only minor appearances in the story, but it is a new design of ship for bringing troops and materiel to a planet.



This is an advanced prototype serving the apprentice. The droid contains advanced holographic emitters allowing it to impersonate anyone of humanoid shape. It used this to infiltrate and also to give visual representations of targets during briefings. Darth Vader also used this to communicate 'directly' with the apprentice. Proxy is also fully trained in lightsaber combat and tests the apprentice regularly with surprise attacks.



Previously mentioned, but I think this game is their first appearance. The Felucians are a sentient and force-sensitive fungal life form hailing from the planet of Felucia. All are good hand-to-hand combatants and utilise the local life-forms, including rancors to their advantage. They have different forms, with chieftains towering over members and shamans able to summon and enhance groups of the warriors. The race turned to the dark side after Shaak Ti, who was their leader, died - it is unknown what happened to them afterwards.

There were also some new stormtrooper variants, but I think maybe this post has gone on long enough - comment if you want more!!

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