Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Doctor Who: New series, new species part 28

Who has very nearly reached it's conclusion here in the UK so we'd better get caught up on what's been happening on the new aliens front. We seem to have a lot of returning species this series, but there are one or two new faces getting in here and there.


These were interesting as they were a part of a dream, yet a real species plausible enough to confuse the Doctor. They were your bog standard Who villain, quick bit of CGI layered over something otherwise harmless to create thrills, but with the dual plot and that fact they might not be real it worked out well. If they'd stood on their own they'd be rubbish but as part of a larger plot they served their part well I felt. It's just a pity that the final reveal was so dreary, some conveniently psychic seeds or something projecting the Doctor's dark side.

The Eknodine were a race of creatures that had the ability to dwell within a human host, only exposing themselves through extending their eye-stalk out of the host's mouth to communicate or see. Their process of inhabiting have long life and strength to the host. To defend themselves they could emit a deadly gas powerful enough to disintegrate a life form. In the Doctor's dream their world had been destroyed and they took revenge on Earth, what happened in reality is unclear.

More Who soon.

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