Friday, 18 June 2010

SF at the Movies June '10

I'm shocked that I've kept forgetting about this one, but yet am still in the confines of June, I'm doing well.

And there is....nothing!!! In what I think is the first time ever there are no SF movies around as far as I can see not even a dubious thriller or naff kids flick - tell you what I'll compensate with a load of movies from the great event of the year - E3!!!

We kicked off with a cinematic trailer for The Force Unleashed II, set in the clone labs of Kamino it shows the Apprentice fighting some new enemy types and also sheds some light (or maybe darkness) on what happens after the epic end to the first game.

We also had a new cinematic trailer for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood continuing the story of Ezio from the second game, not the leader of a larger group of Assassins. The trailer doesn't show any of the SF stuff, but that tends to be sealed up until the game release anyway but it's worth a watch.

There was also a demo of the multiplayer which features a modified version of the Animus for training Templars and allows players to compete in what seems like an elaborate version of the College game 'assassins' where you are assigned a target and have to track them down and kill them, but there are also people tracking you down too.

We also got some more infro on Halo:Reach, with an in-game trailer of some Campaign action - I won't say anything until you've watched it.

SPACE COMBAT!!!!! I cannot wait for this!! There was also a demo vid of 'Firefight' from ODST which has carried over into this game- with more customization and air strike opportunities, it looks like a heck of a ride.

There's so much that I haven't even got around to seeing some of what I'm gonna post - Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new cinematic trailer and ther's been a ton of new videos and info, including the fact that Each player gets their own starship - cool!

That's enough for now i think, but for more on these games, brand new releases, Kinect and the new Xbox head over to where I get all my info!!

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