Monday, 8 August 2011

Smallville - From strip to screen, part 1

Well Smallville is well on it's way through it's final series here in the UK (I believe it's long finished in the US) and I've been struck by the amount of wider DC characters showing up. This has always been the case, but my knowledge of the wider DC universe is even weaker than my knowledge of Marvel so it's only much after the I realise the significance of a cameo part. I've noticed it more this series because of the use of characters I'm more familiar with due to being kindly loaned a whole load of Jack Kirby books so now I have more of an interest in these new villains and allies - anyway, let's see what we've got.

Cat Grant

Cat has showed up as an annoying foible in this series, fresh from a local paper, eager to make her mark, she has also picked up on the anti-vigilante vibe and is quick to badmouth 'The Blur' and the other heroes. She's had her moments, including 'finding out' that Lois is The Blur when she was possessed by Isis and there's more to come from this character.
In the comics she arrives at the Daily Planet as a gossip columnist, she is more flirty than screen Cat who plays the dumb blonde to cover the fact that she has a son she's trying to care for rather than to hit on guys, but strip Cat is just as involved in anti-hero stuff and getting into the mix of things!


Darkseid is the great evil alien force behind this series. He has made a few appearances, but largely working through his agents so far and not directly confronting his opponents. He has possessed a few individuals and battled Kara (Supergirl) through his minions. His power is in turning the world against the heroes and playing on the darkness in people's hearts. In the comics Darkseid is one of the New Gods, hailing from the planet Apokolips battling the other Gods and Superman I'm looking forward to seeing how Darkseid develops in this series.

Gordon Godfrey

Gordon Godfrey (or Glorious Godfrey in the comics) is a radio DJ and author who has taken up an anti-vigilante agenda and is quick to fall under Darkseid's spell. He battles Kara but loses, however he continues to draw more attention to his cause and turn the public against Clark and the others. In the comics Godfrey is similar in that he uses his powers of persuasion to convince the public to turn against the heroes.

Brainiac 5

Brainiac returns, but this time the Kyrptionian AI is on Clark's side as his version from the future returns to help Clark on a crucial day come to terms with his past and also realise his future as the superhero he will become and how he can trust Lois with his secret. In the comics Brainiac is a key member of the Legion and a master of using their time travel technology.


Yep that is Lois! Just as Clark's about to tell her his secret she picks up the wrong Amulet and transforms into the Goddess Isis, comically leading Cat into thinking she's the Blur and nearly killing Clark, thankfully it all gets sorted out and Clark does tell her (finally!!!) Isis is similar in the comics, the spirit of a goddess trying to resurrect her lost love with incredible powers.

Ok that covers episodes 1-5, more as the series rolls on!

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