Friday, 29 July 2011

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 29/7/11

So it's time to discuss another piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC - Overlord and again I'm experimenting with Avatar Kinect so you get this one through video!!

OK, but I'm going to supplement the video with pics as my video editing skills aren't quite at the stage where I can just slip them in.

New Stuff


You can see the creepy green graphics formed here into a face, a face that follows you around, appears in windows and walls, controls security and herds you around by locking and opening doors not to mention startling you with it's digital scream.

Space Cows

Another cool part I missed out in the vid was the return of space cows, these creatures popped up on a number of worlds in the first Mass Effect but this is their first and only appearance in the second game and it was a nice nod to players to include them.

and that's about it for this post - more soon!

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