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Smallville - from strip to screen, part 2

Ok so I'm continuing to go through the DC Characters that are showing up across Clark's final journey as 'The Blur' before becoming the hero we all know and love. Here's part 2 covering episodes 5-10

The Suicide Squad

The squad made a few early appearances with Deadshot marking various members of Watchtower with the squad's symbol. It was later revealled that they were acting to stop the Vigilante Registration act and wanted to defend the heroes like Clark and Oliver from being rounded up by the authorities, of course Clark and the others don't agree with their methods - which include targeting Clark's soon-to-be father in law General Sam Lane.
In the comic the Suicide Squad is a government-assembled group of vigilantes who are sent on missions deemed suicidal and high risk. They have captured many notorious villains but also rubbed up against superman and batman and many others.

Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness has been playing a long game for Darkseid her master taking orphaned girls and raising them to be her Female Furies, then placing them in positions of power across the world. One of her orphans was Tess abandoned by her true father Lionel Luthor but who escaped her clutches. Granny tried to reclaim Tess but was unsuccessful but is still working towards Darkseid's ultimate rule.
In the Comics Granny is based on Apokolips, Darkseid's world and raises an army of super-soldiers to work for the dark one. She raised character's like Scott Free a hero who is one of the only ones to truly escape from her clutches. She also has her army of superpowered Female Furies.


Desaad is another of Darkseid's minions, influencing the people through his underground clubs and other vices. He is significant in that he fought Oliver and in that fight Oliver revealed the darkness in himself, enabling Dasaad to brand him with the Omega symbol, placing him within his master's clutches.
In the comics Desaad is one of Darkseid's key henchmen never far from his master's side, with a muxh less down-to-earth look.

Slade Wilson/ Deathstroke

Slade Wilson is a U.S. Army General who is determined to stop the vigilantes like Watchtower and bring them under Government control. He is the driving force behind the Vigilante Registration Act, which calls for heroes to reveal their identities and join the Government, while secretly building prisons to contain them. During a conflict with the heroes he lost his eye and it was also revealed that he wears the Omega symbol on his skull, making him a servant of Darkseid, unwittinggly perhaps. During another conflict he killed Hawkman and Clark banished him to the Phantom Zone.
In the Comics Slade Wilson, or Deathstroke applied for an experimental army project which boosted his strength and durability. Taking up the life of a mercenary he has fought a number of hero groups, most notably the Teen Titans.


Mera is an Atlantean like Aquaman, capable of breathing underwater and controlling water and joined him in his quest to keep earth's oceans safe, they fell in love and were married. When they discovered that Slade Wilson was building prisons for heroes in secret oil rigs they teamed up to fight back.
Mera's origins are a little unclear in the comics, with various stories. She is Atlantean, was once an enemy of Aquaman but they fell in love and married and now she is the queen of Atlantis.

Clark Luthor/ Ultraman

Clark Luthor is from a parallel universe where things turned out quite differently. Instead of being found by the Kents he was found by Lionel and raised as his personal soldier, taking the persona of Ultraman and gaining more and more power for the Luthor name. When Clark activates a Kryptonian artifact called a mirror-box he is transported to this universe and Clark Luthor takes his place. Clark Luthor later returns in a following episode as everyone in his universe knows his weakness for kryptonite and Oliver made sure it was readily available - Clark forced him to return and begin a new the life of a hero.
In the comics Ultraman comes from a not-destroyed Krypton to Earth to rule it and test his powers against it's heroes, ultimately defeated by the Justice League he is still a threat to many on Earth.

And that's it - more soon!!

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