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Blogga's Video Game Diary - 27/1/12

I'm sorry for the lack of content - things are hectic in the real world right now so I may be sporadic in posting for a while I'm sorry. Anyway here's some more of what I've been up to Video Game wise.


I'm still collecting Riddler Trophies and I've got the confrontation with Riddler to come as well, then I will have completed the full Campaign (except the stupid AR challenges!!). One secret I managed to find by myself (though I already knew about it from online!) was Crime Alley where you can see the spot where Wayne's parents died as well as hearing a taunting message from Hugo Strange. In other news I've started Assassin's Creed: Revelations and also played the first act of Gears of War 3. I play that with a friend and we have a tradition of only playing in the dark which makes it more fun!!

New Stuff

Right I'm gonna write about the new characters who pop up in the game. I'd kinda hoped to go through the story as I did it, but that might get complicated. We'll see anyway.

The game starts with Bruce Wayne leading a public protest against Arkham City a walled-off ghetto inside which all criminals are thrown together. The billionaire is captured by TYGER guards working fore the head of Arkham.

Hugo Strange
Real Name: Hugo Strange
Occupation: Psychiatrist, Head of Arkham City

Strange has a great deal of power, not only is he head of the new super-prison he also commands his own private army of soldiers and through his manipulations has the Mayor of Gotham in his pocket. More than this he also has deduced the true identity of Batman and is keen to have Bruce Wayne inside his walls. He is very interested in the super-criminals of Gotham, keen to study them and psych-analyse them. But his truen intentions are...well I'll get to that!

Wayne is thrown into the supermax prison and makes his way through, passing a number of dangerous criminals who asre out for his blood.

Black Mask
Real Name: Roman Sionis
Occupation: Mob Boss

Similar to Wayne in that he lost both his parents Sionis instead turned to a life of crime, carving a wooden mask and becoming feared mob boss Black Mask. Inside Arkham city he ran operations from his family's Sionis steel mill until he was muscled out by Joker. When Wayne encountered him he was being beaten mercilessly by TYGER guards.

And I've run out of time - more soon!

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