Monday, 2 January 2012

Star Wars Invasion- Revelations

The latest series of Invasion sets things off at a roaring pace for the Galfridian family as the course of the galactic war hinges on their actions. Naturally many secrets are revealed, but not with the results you might expect - the Vong aren't going to know what hit them!

Well there aren't any new Jedi this time but there are plenty of

New Vehicles

There's the Star of Gabrielle, a YT-2400 or similar ship used by Dray.

Defender- class Star Destroyer

This is one of the New Republic's new fleet, mentioned in Novels and sourcebooks but great to see visually in action here.

Republic-class Star Destroyer

Same goes for this ship!!

Breath of the Balyeg

This cool new Pirate ship also joined the battle against the Vong, fighting alongside the New Republic and Imperial military forces. There was also a cargo ship joined the fight but I had a problem with my scanner so no pic sorry!

New Troopers

Palace Guards

It's great to see more types of troops in this era, these palace guards were a cool sight, with the right blend of regal and lethal.


Here is a map of the action in this series - I'm guessing at the location of Shramar but the other locations are pretty much accurate.


Fresh from their costly victory at Dibrook, where the New Republic defeated an army mostly comprised of mutated slaves of the Yuuzhan Vong, Kaye and Nina Galfridian journey to Shramar where refugees from Artorias had been placed in Imperial custody. They discovered a plot by the Imperial commanders to use the refugees as a slave force, growing crops for the Vong to keep them at bay. Meanwhile Dray and Finn discover an assassination plot against the Chief of State and journey to Coruscant to stop it. During the stress of the battle Nina's true identify as a Yuuzhan Vong, a shamed one cast out of their ranks, is exposed but she uses this to rally troops to their side, using her knowledge of the Vong to weaken them, calling in forces from across the galaxy to defend the refugees and destroy the Vong crops. Meanwhile Dray and Finn stop the assassination attempt but Finn discovers that Dray wants to rule the galaxy as well as save it!!

Another great Star Wars read!!

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