Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 3/5/12

 Well I've had another chance to play Gears of War 3 with my mate, playing it the only way it truly can be played, in the dark, with the TV as the only source of light available and that only showing a dark cave full of creepy monsters about to attack you!


As I've said I've been busy, though I've made some more progress in Assassin's Creed as well, I'm focusing on getting up my Multiplayer skills to unlock more of the Templar storyline, which is quite interesting, getting some nice glimpses into Templar history and ongoing projects while I'm at it.

But on with Gears...

New Enemies


These nasty creatures are capable of flight, emit a nasty shrieking noise as their name suggests, and like many locust creatures explode on death. These beasts defend Queen Myrrah of the Horde and repeatedly harrass Delta Squad as they cross the Deadlands and other territories to investigate the secrets Dom's father left behind.

Gas Barge

These bloated beasts play a key role in Act 2. The Savage Locust are now living above ground and use the strange gaseous creatures as a way of moving troiops and equipment around the Deadlands and also as attack vehicles. The Gears hijack one of these beasts to take a shortcut across Locust territory.


This massive beast is the mount on Queen Myrrah who leads the remaining Locust forces that aren't savage or lambent. It seems to be a huge beetle capable of carrying the Queen and protecting her with armoured legs and wings. It is also capable of igniting things with it's breath, such as the gas barge Marcus hijacked!!


Well not a new creature really, but the addition of young Corpsers was a great gameplay moment. As the Gears treck across the Deadlands they notice the sand moving, suddenly from out of the sand a claw bursts, attacking anything near it. This is revealed to be a juvenile Corpser, many of which jump out at Delta Squad on their journey. As they enter a cave they find tiny baby corpsers abut the size of a dog, but they are soon defended by their full size mother, who they have to take out on foot!


Marcus and co regroup with Anya  and other survivors from the destroyed ship. Finding Prescott mortally wounded he reveald that Marcus's father is at a hidden base called Azura, but the information he gives them is encoded. Sending Anya and Sam to secure the survivors Marcus and his team head across the Deadlands to Anvil Gate base to get more help, running into plenty of trouble along the way!!

Don't know when there'll be more Gears so enjoy it while it lasts!!

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