Monday, 14 May 2012

Star Wars: Agent of the Empire - Iron Eclipse

You're going to be getting a few of these in the near future as I catch up on my general backlog, but then I am cutting down on my overall comics consumption so enjoy them while they last!!

Agent of the Empire is a new series following the adventures of Jahan Cross and agent for Imperial Intelligence rooting out corruption and deceit with a selection of handy gadgets and contacts in his hourneys around the galaxy - this story sees him following a lead into the independent Corporate Sector to uncover a plot that threatens the entire galaxy.

New Characters

Jahan Cross
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Imperial Intelligence Agent

Jahan Cross joined the Empire as soon as he was able, after seeing the devastation caused by the Clone Wars and the corruption of the Old Republic he believe the Empire would give stability and peace to the galaxy. As an intelligence agent he rooted out corruption among senior Imperial officials among other assignments.

Armand Isard
 Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Head of Imperial Intelligence

OK well not exactly a new character but for me it was the first visual appearance of this character, the father of legendary New Republic era villain Ysanne Isard. He is the head of Imperial Intelligence and therefore Cross's boss.

Iaco Stark
 Species: Human (Cyborg)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Criminal

Stark was once famous for causing the 'Stark Hyperspace War' in which a nanovirus caused Republic warships to malfunction and crash. After hiding away in the Corporate Sector he fused his body with a droid and created another virus that could turn all droids to his command, with the ability to turn the millions of mechanical servants of the galaxy to his power Stark planned to take on the galaxy one more time...

New Droids

IN-GA 44

"Inga" was a Human Replics droid modified for combat and subterfuge and assigned to agent Cross. Inga lacked the usual synthskin coverings of HRDs and instead masqueraded as a protocol or assistant droid but was fully capable of nusing her retractable blasters at any given opportunity.

New Vehicles

Well not all are new but  this series marks the first visualm appearance of vehicles used by 'Espo' security forces in the Corporate Sector

GX12 Hovervan

 This is a standard personnel carrier used on planets by the Espo security forces.

JX40 Jailspeeder

This vessel is used by Espo forces to transport prisoners quickly from the scene of a crime to a local detention centre. It is also used for riot control.

SX20 Patrol Airskimmer

Another patrol vehicle used by Espos it carried a pilot and a gunner rapidly to the scene of any distress. 

K-222 Aero Interceptor

 A atmospheric vehicle powered by powerful repulsorlifts this vehicle was designed to pursue targets and intercept them before they left the planet's atmosphere.

Ambassadorial Shuttle

Apparently Imperial Ambassadors get access to flashier vehicles than the usual Lambda shuttles, or maybe the corrupt Imperial Ambassador was using creds gained by getting in with the Starks. 

New Technology


No agent is complete without his gadgets. Cross took these from Experi-Tech on Coruscant, they were designed to help TIE pilots who bail out in atmosphere.  


My usual contribution - it starts from Wayland where Cross is taking out a corrupt Imperial, finding his lead that takes him to the Corporate Sector. 


Jahan Cross is an Imperial Intelligence agent sent into the Corporate Sector to trace down a plot involving the Stark family. Quickly finding out that there is much more going on he is framed for murder and has to go to the bottom of the plot which involved Iaco Stark, thought dead involved in a plot to hijack the galaxy's droids in a bid for power. .

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