Thursday, 19 July 2012

Star Wars: Crimson Empire III

One more set of very out of date com ic book reviews and we're more or less up to date! The famous Royal Guardsman Kir Kanos returns for one more adventure in a story penned by the original team who brought us the character way back when. It was very refreshing to read a story set in the early days of the new Republic, it reminded me of my early days of Star Wars reading where I would sit in Borders reading graphic novels then putting them back!!

 New Characters

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Assassin / Rogue Leader

Devian was trained under Darth Vader himself in a selecrtion process that involved him killing all other trainees. He was well known throughout Imperial circles both for his influence and reputation as a thug. Devian assembled a significant force of largely outdated ships from the Clone Wars era, and planned to tackle the New Republic and restore the Empire under his own rule. He planned to sabotage the future of the peace talks, driving the Imperial Remnant under Pellaeon to fight the New Republic, while his own forces plotted to eliminate the leadership of his enemies.

New Ships


The first visual appearance, that I'm aware of, of a Dauntless class cruiser from Star Wars Supremacy in another source, I always love seeing ships from that game used in other canon sources!!

New Republic Fleet

These two types of capital ships are part of the fleet led by Han Solo who pursued Devian's forces across the Galaxy, the types of ship have not been named or featureed in any other source that I'm sware of.


Well that's pretty much it - I can't give you a map because many of the locations are new or undisclosed. So this Devian character sets out to sabotage the peace talks between the Empire and the New Republic and launches his own attacks on Republic forces. He tries to recruit Kir Kanos as a figurehead for his organisation but Kanos refuses, driving him further into Devian's plot and nearer to his love Mirith Sinn, now working security for Leia Organa Solo who is herself having a hard time battling Devian's assassin's. Together they must track down the traitors and uncover evidence of his plot to salvage the peace between their people.

Thoroughly enjoyable - classic Star Wars!!

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