Saturday, 10 November 2012

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 40

A bit of a break from Mass Effect ass we look at the new alien species revealed in the new series of Doctor Who. As always for more in depth comments do check out the Impossible Podcasts website - well worth a listen!


A somewhat dull ending to the on the whole intriguing episode 'the power of three'. Strange cubes appear that initially do nothing then perform a wide variety of functions to assess the human race. Then it turns out, in a plot line stolen directly from The Ultimates (but executed with a dull anti-climax instead of the epic battle fought against the Chitauri in the Marvel comic) they are the pest-controllers of the Universe who've decided to wipe out the human race and are incredibly easily defeated in such a purpose - presumably this is a set up for them to come again, but I don't care - try bringing in an interesting villain like the Trickster if you want to do some cool manipulation stuff.

The Shakri are a race believed to be mythical even by the Time Lords themselves. They see themselves as the caretakers of the universe and use incredibly advanced technology to manipulate and exterminate species they see as troublesome to the progress of the universe. 

The following episode returned us to the Weeping Angels, who managed to be creepy again like in Blink but their backstory got even more ridiculour with them 'taking over' other statues in the area including the Statue of Liberty, which somehow moved without anyone noticing - I'm giving up on the angels, hopefully christmas will give us something fresh!!

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