Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mass Effect 3: Tuchanka, part 2

So yes another Mass Effect video for you this week concluding Shepard's mission to Tuchanka to gain Krogan support for the War Effort. Here's the vid.

And here are the War Assets gained on this mission

The following are war assets gained by completing assignments on the Citadel and exploring related systems

Arcturus First Division - a makeshift group of civilians banded together on Benning to fight the Reapers

Shadows Broker Wet Squad - A special operations group working for the Broker now assisting the war effort.

Terminus Fleet - Aquiring some artifacts to trade to a dealer gets C-Sec off the Blue Suns' back, freeing them to join Aria's united band of mercenaries

Batarian Fleet - The small remaining force of Batarian Ships not wiped out by the Reaper have banded together under Balak, once Shephard's enemy he now grudgingly accepts that they must work together against the Reapers

Rogue Fighter Pilots - Working as mercenaries these fighter pilots are contacted by Cortez and agree to support the War Effort.

The following are war assets gained on Tuchanka

Urdnot Wrex - Clan leader and spokesman for the Krogan race

Krogan Clans - a strong force under Wrex and bolstered by shepard's support of them in an interview with Diana Allers

Clan Urdnot - a powerful Krogan clan

Krogan Mercenaries - news of the Genophage cure brings Krogan from across the galaxy into the fight.

Turian Seventh Fleet - The turians dispatch this powerful fleet to protect the Crucible project.

Turian 43rd Marine Division - These elite troops are pulled from Palaven to assist the galactic war effort in special operations

And that's it - more soon!!

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