Friday, 18 January 2013

Blogga's Video Game Diary - 18/1/13

Over the Christmas period I had a chance to resume an old tradition - that of playing Gears of War in the dark with my best friend, we managed to plow our way through another act of the final chapter of the game - though with Gears of War: Judgement coming out we haven't seen the last of the COG or the Locust hordes in the prequel game.

So here's the new stuff.

New Gears

Bernadette Mataki

The lover of Colonel Hoffman, she has appeared in many of the comics and bovels but as far as I'm aware this is her first appearance in-game. She gave assistance to Delta Squad when they arrived at Anvil Gate but while they commited some of their forces to help Marcus and his squad she remained to defend Anvil Gate for as long as possible.

New Enemies

Lambent Berserker

Delta Squad encountered this fearsome Lambent creature in the battle of Anvil Gate. Deployed by lambent stalks this massive enemy has the brute force of a locust berserker but flailing stalks protrude from it and immulsion leaks from it's chest. The squad retreated into the fortress and used the Hammer of Dawn orbital weapon, but even that didn't stop it. The squad managed to take it out on foot by firing at the exposed immulsion in it's chest.


It always amazes me how quickly the Gears come up with names for the new enemies they face!!'Former' is short for 'former human' as these wretched beings are humans that have been exposed to imulsion and have become lambent creatures. Like all other lambent they are grossly distorted and explode upon death.


Marcus and Delta Squad arrive at Anvil Gate, bringing Locust forces in their wake, as they battle to defend the city lambent arrive including a formidable lambent berserker which wreaks havok across the fortifications until finally downed by the squad. While the rest of the squad do battle Baird manages to decode the data from Prescott about Marcus's father who is in a hidden city Azura hidden by an artifical hurricane, the data speaks of a solution to the Lambent problem forever. With the city inaccessible colonel Hoffman suggests commandeering a submarine. The submarine requires fuel so the squad along with their comrade Dizzy head to the town of Mercy with a fuel tanker. When they get there they find the town abandoned and the furel refinery shut down. When they ask the few stranded about this they are attacked by 'formers' humans infected with the lambent plague. Locust forces arrive hot on their tail and a three way battle ensues between the Gears the Locust and the Lambent until Dom sacrifices himself, blowing up the refinery to save his friends and stop the infection from spreading to humans. It was a sombering moment especially when you're playing as Dom!!

Next: Some Star Wars comics for you - it's been a long time!!!

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