Monday, 7 January 2013

Doctor Who - New series, new species part 41

Well the Christmas special has come and gone so time to discuss the aliens seen on our TVs Christmas day.

The Great Intelligence

OK this is technically breaking my rule as the Great Intelligence has appeared before in classic Doctor Who episodes and has battled the Doctor on previous occasions. I really enjoyed the creepy pop up snowmen in the lighthearted but moving Christmas day romp. I found the defeating the monster with love to be a little dull as it has been done so many times and so many wayds on Doctor Who but it was an exciting ride and I'm intriogued to find out more about the new companion who keeps popping up through time.

The Great Intelligence is a disembodied mind that has battled the Doctor many times taking different forms. In the Victorian era it took the form of snow, reaching out through the mind of a lonely child to build it's intelligence and attempted to become more human so that it could through subtlety replace and control the human race.

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