Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blogga's Wall - January 2013

Here's what went up on my wall this January

1) Marvel Encyclopedia - Second Edition

A Christmas present to myself, it was on a ridiculously cheap 2 for 1 at WHSmith so I bought one for a friend and kept the other. I really like having this summary of the key marvel characters as well as records of key events such as World War Hulk and the Secret Invasion. As a fairly casual Marvel fan it's nice to have this record of the wide range of characters and to have concise summaries of their stories as opposed to the bafflingly complex biographies you find online!

2) 'Star Wars' #1

The quoatation marks are there because this latest comic series from Dark Horse is called simple that - Star Wars. Set almost immediately after Episode IV with Luke, Leia and Han dealing with the aftermath of the Death Star's destruction and struggling to find a new home for the Rebellion with the still mighty Empire hot on their tails. 'In the shadow of Yavin' is a five-part run that is already on the third printing of the first issue - get it while you can!! Expect a review at the end of the arc.

More soon folks!

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