Monday, 11 February 2013

Star Wars: Purge - The Tyrant's Fist

The latest installment in the Purge line, which focuses on Vader's extermination of the remnants of the Jedi Order in the days after Order 66, is a two-parter as opposed to the usual run of one-shots. The story not only focuses on Vader's hunt for a rogue Jedi but also how he has to deal with a planet which idolizes the Jedi Order.

New Jedi

Cho'na Bene
Species: Myneyrsh
Sex: Male
Occupation: Jedi Knight

A powerful Jedi Knight, weilding two lightsabers in battle (not too hard when you have four arms I suppose!) he and two other Jedi escaped Order 66 in the Clone Wars and journeyed to the world of Vaklin where they led an insurrection agaisnst the forces of the Empire who came to occupy the planet.

Unidentified Jedi Knight
Species: Barabel
Sex: Male
Occupation: Jedi Knight

One of the insurgent Jedi on Vaklin, he and his Master were captured by Vader, leaving only Cho'na Bene on the planet. The Master was spaced by Vader as he was too good a swordsman to risk leaving alive while this Jedi was kept for interrogation. He succumbed to Vader's techniques and gave up some critical information and was later killed by the Dark Lord in an escape attempt.

Several other Jedi of old are mentioned, as the people of Vaklin built statues in their honour.

- Trivak Ninegun, a Jedi Master who led colonization efforts on the planet and set up Jedi recruiting efforts
- Prokeisha, a Jedi Master who stopped the rust plague and fought at Malastare
- To-La, a Jedi Knight responsible for ending the thousand-year War of Flowering Knives
- Khen Reo, a Jedi Knight who brought law and order to the Null Sectors
- Uru Koo, a Neti Jedi Master whose cuttings were planted on the planet
- Kanzhei Opli, a Jedi Beast Master, responsible for rare species
- an Unknown Master who arrived on Vaklin and died shortly after

New Species

Tuk'ata Nobilis 

An altered form of the Sith Tuk'ata beast, which while just as fearsome could be tamed and controlled by those other than the Sith. Extremely rare, the last pair in the galaxy were used by the insurgents to battle Lord Vader.


Pretty easy this time as all the action takes place on Vaklin, the exact location is a guess but it's in the right grid reference.


Vader is despatched to the planet Vaklin to put down an insurgency led by Jedi Knights, while succeeding in batlle against some of the Knights Vader faces a bigger problem, a planetary population devoted to the Jedi Order and willing to give their lives in it's honour. Assisted by an insightful ISB officer Vader and the Imperials set about wiping all trace of the Jedi from the planet and discredit as well as destroy the Jedi on the planet.

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