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Dawn of the Jedi: Prisoner of Bogan

The second arc of Dawn of the Jedi has recently come to it's conclusion, following the journey of the early Je'daii on Tython and the events that are triggered by the arrival of the first presence to enter the system in centuries - the Rakatan exile Xesh. As always I'll start with the new stuff.

New Je'daii

Species: Noghri
Sex: Male
Occupation: Assistant Temple Master

Tave is assistant to Lha-Mi, Temple Master of Stav Kesh, the Temple of Martial Arts where the Je'daii journeyers train to use their force blades in combat. He trained the three young journeyeres who found Xesh, assuring them that the Je'daii masters took their claims seriously, despite their decision to exile Xesh to Bogan.

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Je'daii Master

A celebrated Je'daii General in the Despot War Rajivari layed down his sword at the end of the confilct to contemplate the force in peace. Master Ketu came to him to seek advice on Daegen Lok's vision, Rajivari counselled that the vision should be considered carefully but the council voted to treat it as madness and banish Lok. Seven years later Ketu returned to him and he urged him again to take the vision seriously and make ready for the coming army. (It seems that things don't go well for Rajivari in the future, from what I've heard as he shows up in The Old Republic, but I'll leave that for now - if my wife sees him in-game I'll let you know!)

Tem Madog
Species: Cathar
Sex: Male
Occupation: Temple Master

Tem Madog is the Temple Master of Vur Tepe, the Forge. He instructs Je'daii Journeyers in the creation of their force-imbued blades and is responsible for arming the Je'daii. He tested the Rakatan forcesaber in his forge and later constructed forcesabers for the defense of the Order

Ters Sendon
Species: Zabrak
Sex: Male
Occupation: Je'daii Master

Ters Sendon was a Lore Keeper of the Je'daii Order, who meditated on the force and the mysterious history of the Je'daii. Deep beneath Kaleth, the Temple of knowledge, he searched among the Kwa structures that predated the arrival of the Tho Yor. Sendon also appears in The Old Republic game as a hologram.

Bel Zana
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Je'daii Ranger

Known for her tracking skills Bel Zana was a renowned Je'daii ranger assigned to the mission to track Xesh and Daegen Lok. She had an intense fear of fire, which Lok exploited.

Jake Fenn
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Temple Master

Master of Bodhi, the Temple of the Arts, Jake Fenn was powerful in the force and a fearsome warrior, despite his occupation in helping Je'daii express the force through creating works of art. He had an affection for the ranger Bel Zana, also he was the brother of Rori Fenn, who accompanied him to track down Xesh and Lok.

I'm also continuing to note any new sentient species in the Tython system, meaning that the Tho Yor selected force-sensitive members of that race, even if the characters aren't Je'daii.


Other Characters

Species: Kwa
Sex: Male
Occupation: Unknown

One of the ancient Kwa who journeyed the galaxy with their famous hypergates and studied the power of the cosmos (or to the Je'daii 'the force'). They travelled across the galaxy spreading their wealth to many species until they found the Rakata who turned on them, conquering worlds to cause misery to feed their dark side powered technologies and tried to take the secret of Infinity Gate technology from the Kwa by force. The Kwa destroyed their gates and retreated to Dathomir, with A'nang remaining behind to prevent the Rakata from following her people back.

New Droids

Sentry Droid

These tall, spiderlike droids were used to patrol Bogan and make sure exiles stayed in their compounds. They had limited intelligence and used their sensor cuffs to monitor the location of the prisoners.

Rakatan Droid

A service droid used by the Rakata, able to perform multiple functions and with limited intelligence, Trill had one of these aboard her ship and used it to assist her in healing Sek'nos Rath.

Ryo Security Droid

This model of security droid was used for personal defence by Baron Volnos Ryo, the droid was capable of targeting and attacking multiple targets simultaneously.

New Vehicles

Pho-V Fighter

These fighters were used by Shikaakwan forces during the Despot War, one of these crashed in a hidden valley on Bogan and was used by Daegen Lok to escape with Xesh

Rakatan Starfighter

Small craft capable of travelling the vast distances between the stars, large enough to house two occupants. Trill used this ship to track Xesh to Tython.

New Species


A precursor to the fearsome Terentatek, these creatures were created by Je'daii science masters to detect explosives and battle Shikaakwan forces but they developed a taste for force-rich blood and turned on their masters. The results of these failed experiments were left to wander the wilds of Bogan.   

Krev Coeur Predator

These large creatures roamed the crystalline surface of Krev Coeur in the Tython system, constantly on the hunt for prey. Fearsome as they were, they were no match for one trained to use the force.  

Mutated Slash Rat

Mutated by the noxious fumes of the industrial planet Nox, these Slashrats prayed on civilians wandering alone at the city borders.

This story arc also featured mutant dianoga of giant proportions, but those aren't really anything new in SW comics!


As always I like to include a map of the action, it's a little bewildering to look at as it all takes place in the Tython system more or less and the groups get pretty split up as they visit different planets, get capture etc. but I did the best I could. Also after the action most of the characters return to Tython but I thought adding that last step would make the map impossible to follow!!



Sent to Bogan to meditate on the force Xesh is left in confusion about his place among the Je'daii. He is freed by Daegen Lok who had a vision of Xesh and the Rakata, which got him exiled to Bogan for his claims. Using an old fighter they flee Bogan determined to make more Forcesabers and rally an army against the Rakata - an army Lok plans to lead. The Je'daii pursue them to Krev Coeur where they obtain focusing crystals and to Nox where they assemble the hilt and activation device, but Sek'nos is 'rescued' by Trill who uses him to pursue Xesh and on Nox Shae Koda is captured by Daegen Lok and used as a bargaining chip. Meanwhile Tasha Ryo activates the holocron of A'nang who tells them of the danger the Rakata threaten if they have reached Tython's borders. Eventually catching up to Lok on Shikaakwa  and capture him with the help of Xesh who refuses to kill Shae Koda on Lok's orders, but Hawk Ryo is forced to admit that he shared the same vision - the Rakata are coming and they are ready for war!!

Next up: E3!!

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